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    24 Surprisingly Cheap Products To Help Beautify Your Garden

    'Cause your garden deserves to be practical and pretty, even if you're on a budget!

    1. Firstly, these solar-powered fairy lights feature some adorable lil' bees! Might I suggest winding them around that boring bush in the corner?

    2. Welcome guests to your ~zen~ space with this utterly wholesome sign that's under four quid!

    3. Hang these cute pastel flowerpots over your fence to add an always-welcome pop of colour.

    4. These globe fairy lights will go with any kind of garden decor. They'll give off a lovely warm glow and have eight different light modes!

    5. Can we please take a moment to appreciate how stunning these butterfly decorations are? They're attached to delicate stakes that'll be imperceptible among your wildflowers.

    6. I'm sorry, but this expandable garden hose has no business looking this chic. With its ruffled charcoal trim and brass fittings, it's basically catwalk-ready! It even comes with a storage bag and a hose holder that slots over your tap.

    7. These matte black hanging lanterns bring the style and the sparkle.

    8. Let's be honest – you can beautify your garden all you like, but the washing line will always be somewhat of an eyesore. Luckily this double-line one has a retractable design, so you'll only see the lines while you're using them!

    9. Drape this artificial ivy garland through your openwork fence, around your flowerpots, or over that scuffed section of the wall!

    10. This sleek storage box is surprisingly affordable, super easy to assemble, and has a 150-litre capacity!

    11. These heavy-duty marble design plant pots will add a luxe touch to your garden's decor.

    12. And you can wind this rustic jute twine around any cracked, stained, or otherwise ~unsightly~ plant pots you already own!

    13. These hedgehog garden ornaments are almost unreasonably adorable.

    14. This ~magic~ powder will transform any regular flames into a neon rainbow! Scatter some over any wood-burning fire for a special bit of evening entertainment.

    15. Speaking of gorgeous pops of colour, this hummingbird wind chime transforms into a colourful light feature come sundown.

    16. When lit, these solar-powered lanterns will cast mesmerising patterns to spice up your garden at nighttime. They have a gorgeous bronze finish, and can either be hung up or dotted around!

    17. This beautiful printed rug is washable, weather-resistant, and has an easy-to-clean flat-weave design, making it perfect for laying over your patio.

    18. I am losing it over these lil' pet paw floor lamps! They're solar powered, so you won't have to deal with any messy wires.

    19. I don't see why you shouldn't treat yourself along with your garden! This gardening gloves and hand cream set is simply stunning.

    20. I can't quite believe this swinging hammock chair is under £25! Customers love its super comfy cushioned seat and chic striped design.

    21. Little ones will adore this adorable mini welcome kit that'll *actually* make it feel like you could have fairies living at the bottom of the garden!

    22. And these super cute lanterns bring a whole new meaning to fairy lights!

    23. This ethereal peacock lantern will light up your decking area and your heart.

    24. Finally, this ornately-decorated bird feeder looks far more expensive than it actually is!