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    Heist Is The Cult Underwear Brand You Need To Know About If You Don't Already – Here's Our Top Picks

    They're comfy AND stylish.

    Known for their universally flattering tights that are still super comfy, Heist Studios have become kind of an underwear phenomenon – here's why we think the brand is so great, and some of our top picks!

    1. All of their tights come in a natural-looking satin finish...

    2. ...and have way less seams than your average tights!

    3. Their nude tights come in seven representative shades.

    4. And all of their tights come in a high or mid rise waistband to suit your needs!

    5. Their sheer and stylish 30 denier tights will take you from day to night.

    6. You'll wear their undeniably ~timeless~ 50 denier tights with absolutely everything.

    7. And their super soft 80 denier tights will keep you warm in the unexpected weather.

    8. They use their uniquely designed HeroPanels to lift and shape your body in the most flattering way.

    9. Their body effortlessly smooths and supports your, well, body.

    10. Their high-waisted pants help to streamline your waist, stomach, and posture.

    11. And their high-waisted shorts flatter rather than flatten your curves.

    12. And finally, you'll wonder how you ever lived without their simple yet stylish socks.