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    If Spooky Season Is Your Entire Personality You’re Going To Love These 31 Products To *Death*

    From spooky decor to sleek fashion bits!

    1. Firstly, I know you'll be simply *obsessed* with this black moon phase garland.

    2. How unbelievably perfect is this ouija board mug?! It has a large capacity too ('cause enjoying this season obviously comes with an instinctive penchant for endless cups of tea).

    3. I am losing it over this wax melt burner that looks like a lil' cauldron hanging over the fire.

    4. And pop these handmade pumpkin spice wax melts inside to fill your room with the lush autumnal scent.

    5. This NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen is the ideal shade for the season. The formula is both long-wearing and super comfortable!

    6. And if you prefer more of a wash to a full-on colour, these wine-toned tip tints ones come packaged in the cutest dinky wine bottles!

    7. Can we please take a moment to appreciate this skeleton hand jewellery stand?!

    8. This witches' broth cauldron will make eating your lunch about 100 times more fun. It even comes with a wooden spoon and matching lid to keep your soup – ahem, I mean potion – warm.

    9. And I'm just gonna leave this witches' brew teapot right here. It holds enough liquid for two cups of tea!

    10. This ceramic travel mug is a perfect on-the-go alternative.

    11. And while we're still on the subject of cauldrons, I just thought you'd like to know that these salt and pepper shakers exist.

    12. Is it *really* October if you don't have your nails painted black every day? This Rimmel nail polish dries in 60 seconds and is under four quid!

    13. I've been seeing glass pumpkin jars like this one all over TikTok lately. It's ideal for holding your Halloween treats!

    14. Speaking of handy pumpkin decor, this cute ceramic mug comes with a matching lid and spoon!

    15. Get a great night's sleep thanks to this star-studded silk eye mask.

    16. And if you can't get enough of star prints, then might I introduce you to this stunning dress? I'm obsessed with the cut-out back detail, and it'll look great with over-the-knee boots and chunky layers as the weather gets colder!

    17. This handmade pumpkin spice scented candle doesn't just smell amazing, it also has a wooden wick which lets off a cosy crackle as it burns.

    18. This cinnamon stick candle is also suitably seasonal. The scent genuinely fills the room and it has up to 150 hours of burn time!

    19. This standing moon lamp is ~out of this world~.

    20. I'm guessing the dial would turn to 'yes' for these ouija board earrings.

    21. I need these gold-tone skull scissors immediately! They'll come in so handy around the house.

    22. Dot these flameless pumpkin candles around the house to add an autumnal vibe.

    23. This LED moon light looks far more expensive than it actually is!

    24. I fell in love with these snake-patterned tights as soon as I saw my colleague Amy wearing them! They'll add a spooky touch to an otherwise-neutral outfit.

    25. And you can make any outfit feel more October-friendly with these black velvet hair bows.

    26. This black skull is great for storing your makeup brushes or stationery, if you love to add a bit of spookiness into your day-to-day decor.

    27. These black flameless pillar candles look super realistic!

    28. And if you want to take the spooky decor that step further, these Vampire tears candles have red wax core, which makes them 'bleed' when they're lit.

    29. This cuddly bat plushie is unreasonably cute.

    30. And the same goes for this utterly adorable black kitten mug.

    31. Finally, these glass pumpkin fairy lights look far more luxe than their price tag suggests!