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    29 Small Gifts To Get Yourself Right Now Because, Why Not?

    Just a lil' something from you to you x.

    1. These tie-dye sports socks combine two isolation trends in one neat package and I am 100% here for it.

    2. You can get this adorable (and surprisingly cheap) ceramic ring holder to hold your rings and other small knick knacks.

    3. I don't think a better treat exists than this cute lil' dumpling lamp, which will light up your room – and your heart

    4. This facial spray contains aloe, herbs, and rose water to give you a little refreshing boost whenever you use it!

    5. Show how much you truly love yours-elf with this 'Pixie Tears' elderflower and cucumber-infused gin – the technicolour swirls will make every summery cocktail a ~magical~ one.

    6. Dunk these floral-infused teabags in your bath for a quintessentially British (and ~properly~ relaxing) pamper session.

    7. Make your bath even more calming by using this bath pillow which has extra padding for added levels of comfort!

    8. And if you don't have a bath, you can get these shower steamer cubes to release calming, invigorating, or relaxing scents to suit your every mood.

    9. This intricate colouring book serves the dual purpose of giving you something to do with your time AND providing you with daily inspirational quotes!

    10. And this short and inspirational book is perfect to flip through if you're ever feeling a bit down.

    11. This customisable mini box of empowering mantras will remind you to stay positive and mindful.

    12. If lockdown has got you churning out showstoppers like never before, then what better way to display your baking masterpieces than on this utterly gorgeous china cake stand?!

    13. Using this sausage dog cookie cutter will be your new favourite part of at-home baking!

    14. And I'm sorry, but this stoneware dog whisk is more refined and elegant than it has ANY right to be!

    15. Need a lil' pick me up? Putting on these under eye masks (that include actual 24 karat gold powder) for 10 minutes will make you feel like royalty.

    16. Using this highly-rated hyaluronic acid serum is the perfect daily treat – it uses natural-yet-powerful ingredients to make your skin look refreshed and positively ~glowing~.

    17. This natural mango and pineapple tea is infused with a generous dose of Vitamin D, if you feel like you're just not getting enough sunshine these days!

    18. And if you need an energy boost, this low-caffeine raspberry and pomegranate tea has vitamin B to help reduce fatigue.

    19. These colourful hair clips will bring out a whole new side to your conference call ~lewks~.

    20. These mini pig clips will make going through your files and notes way more appealing.

    21. These little incense cones will fill your room with the sweet scent of white lavender, if you're having trouble getting to sleep!

    22. This little beauty tool set is made from 100% natural rose quartz and has all you need to help make your skincare apply smoothly, sink in more effectively, and tighten the skin while you're at it!

    23. This smoothing 'body sand' uses Australian pink clay to gently exfoliate and give your skin a ~deep~ clean – and most importantly, it comes with a teeny tiny scoop for easy distribution!

    24. This glazed stoneware mug is almost unnecessarily beautiful!

    25. Use one of these foot peel masks now for softer feet with way less dead skin in two weeks' time! The results are gross yet ridiculously satisfying, just FYI!

    26. And surely now's the best time to start using this ~all-natural~ lash and brow growth serum?! Customers swear it gave them dramatic results in as little as a couple of weeks!

    27. Let's be honest, wired bras probably haven't featured in your wardrobe for a while now – this seamless longline soft bra is still comfy for days when you want to feel kinda put-together.

    28. This 'Lovely Little Treats' collection is surprisingly cheap and I'm just saying – Easter might be over, but chocolatey treats never go out of season!

    29. And why not give yourself a treat with one of these initial chocolate bars? After all, things are always sweeter when they've got your name on them!