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    28 Showstopping Baking Products To Help You Perfect Your Skills Before "GBBO" Returns

    On your marks... get set... browse!

    1. These silicone baking cups are easy to wash and reuse, so you can make your famous banoffee cupcakes time and time again without having to worry about unnecessary waste!

    2. Beating copious amounts of cake batter can be ceaseless work, so this hand mixer will help to prevent achy arms. It also has three different speeds to help you get the ~perfect~ consistency!

    3. This cake scraper will help to give a smooth and sharp finish to your buttercream.

    4. If you love cake decorating but hate wasting icing when using conventional piping bags, this decorating tool pushes ALL the product out with its clever plunging design – which also gives you more control over what you're doing!

    5. These angled icing spatulas will help you give a smooth finish to your cake's corners and edges without accidentally touching the icing with your fingers.

    6. If you need to cool multiple baked goods at the same time, this three-tier cooling rack will be invaluable.

    7. Get perfectly-sliced brownies every time with this non-stick baking tray and divider set!

    8. These non-stick round cake tins have a quick-release springform design, so you can easily pop larger sponges out without the edges crumbling!

    9. You won't have to worry about accuracy when slicing layers into your sponges, as this cake leveller will do all the hard work for you.

    10. These silicone baking mats are reusable (so you can save on sheets of baking paper) and have helpful markings so you can evenly space out things like cookies and macarons.

    11. This cake decorating kit contains all the essentials if you're not sure where to start – including a turntable to make smoothing iced edges easy and fun!

    12. These measuring cups and spoons will help you to master the ~precise~ art of baking every time.

    13. This five-piece tin set will cook smaller, fiddly cake layers with ease!

    14. You only need to use a tiny bit of these concentrated food colouring drops to achieve impressive results!

    15. There'll be no soggy bottoms in sight with these ceramic baking beans. They have a 4.8-star average rating from over 2,000 reviews!

    16. If you love giving your baked goods as lil' treats for friends and family, then these adorable stickers will add a lovely personal touch!

    17. Whether you perfected your banana bread skills throughout lockdown or you're a seasoned bread-making pro, you'll be sure to appreciate these silicone loaf tins that have a non-stick surface and are easy to clean!

    18. This non-stick fluted ring cake tin will help you make an impressive-looking sponge with minimal effort!

    19. These silicone utensils are essential for scooping every last bit of batter out from the mixing bowl – whether it goes into the baking tray or your mouth is neither here nor there.

    20. This non-stick rolling mat has helpful markings so you can roll out your dough evenly.

    21. If you don't have many baking trays and tins, then this seven-piece stackable bakeware set is a good place to start!

    22. And this springform cake tin set will help you to create impressive tiered cakes – did somebody say showstopper?!

    23. These baking paper sheets are already cut into 20cm circles, saving you time when you're using round tins!

    24. And these baking tin liners are perfectly proportioned, so you can lift your loaves out of their tins with ease!

    25. These cookie cutters have a crinkled edge design to help create pretty lil' pastries and biscuits.

    26. If you're super artsy and want to try your hand at sugarcraft flowers, this modelling kit contains all the tools you'll need!

    27. And this edible glue will hold your flowery works of art securely onto the body of your cake.

    28. Finally, this airtight storage tin will help you transport your masterpiece with ease!