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    17 Skincare Products Made For Sensitive Skin That Still Give Seriously Impressive Results

    Tackle your skin concerns without causing new ones!

    1. First thing's first, this super soothing (and surprisingly cheap) sheet mask will add oodles of hydration to your skin.

    2. I'm so impressed with the price of this blue tansy facial oil! It targets breakouts *without* drying out your skin.

    3. I own this CeraVe hydrating cleanser myself, and it's the *only* one of its kind that genuinely cleans my skin without leaving a tight feeling or breaking me out.

    4. I've been using this 100% natural sweet almond oil since I was a teen! It nourishes my skin without making it feel greasy, and has so many other uses besides.

    5. This overnight spot treatment gel targets your pesky pimples while you sleep.

    6. And these genius acne patches will target, heal, and conceal your spots anytime!

    7. This hyaluronic acid and peptide-infused serum is specially formulated to improve the skin's hydration, elasticity, and firmness.

    8. This organic vitamin C serum includes loads of other sensitive skin-loving ingredients.

    9. Veet's ~Miraculous Oil~ can be used during and after shaving to leave your skin feeling soft, nourished, and silky smooth. Customers swear it has changed their dermaplaning game!

    10. This SPF50 face fluid creates a non-irritating barrier against the sun's rays, prevents the formation of sun spots, and protects against the effects of pollution!

    11. Weleda's Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich cream is packed full of plant extracts, making it ideal if your skin features the notoriously easy-to-deal-with combo of rough, dry, and sensitive.

    12. This isn't your average clay mask! It contains avocado, green tea, and dead sea extracts to calm your skin and give your pores a proper ~deep~ clean.

    13. I promise you, this NIP+FAB Dragon's Blood Fix serum isn't as intense as its name suggests! I use it whenever I want my skin to look plumped and glowing but it's feeling particularly sensitive to chemical exfoliants.

    14. Speaking of chemical exfoliants, this pineapple enzyme scrub is a great gentle-yet-effective option if AHAs are too harsh for your skin!

    15. This fab face cream is enriched with vitamin E and organic hemp seed oil to heal, hydrate, and soothe the skin.

    16. This anti-redness face wash gel contains ZERO soap, so it's perfect if your skin's particularly sensitive to the stuff!

    17. Finally, roll these ice globes over your skin to help work products in more effectively and give yourself a soothing facial while you're at it!