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    29 Self Care Gifts For That Person Who Deserves To Relax

    If they never seem to take any "me" time, these gifts will help!

    1. They can keep a few of these aromatherapy roller balls around the house and take one on the go to help them relax and unwind wherever they are.

    2. Help them to focus on their positive progress and the good things in their life by giving them this low-maintenance journal. It only takes three minutes each morning and three each evening to complete!

    3. This bougie gift set is tailored towards giving them a ~dreamy~ sleep routine.

    4. This rustic jar is full of mindful tasks and challenges that they can work through daily to help kickstart their self-care journey.

    5. This wellness set includes a rose petal bath oil, a rose quartz facial massager, and a soothing fragrance roller ball – basically all they'll need for a perfect pamper night.

    6. You can either complete these festive cross-stitch decorations yourself to hand out as gifts, OR give somebody the entire kit to introduce them to a soothing and mindful hobby.

    7. This affordable little duo will help them to nod off and makes for a great stocking filler!

    8. This 'Stress Free' kit will fit in their letterbox and includes relaxing goodies like herbal tea, epsom salts, and helpful tips on how to stress less.

    9. This aromatherapy roller ball has an uplifting, citrusy scent to help keep them motivated when taking some time out isn't an option.

    10. If their work involves being on their feet a lot, they're sure to appreciate this bubbling foot spa that's basically like a mini jacuzzi for their feet.

    11. And they can give their feet an extra treat with the help of this Baylis & Harding slipper set that includes sweet mandarin and grapefruit-scented products.

    12. This luxe shaving set is infused with hydrating ingredients to give them smoothing and soothing results.

    13. This highly-rated book has an incredibly wholesome and uplifting message that'll be sure to make them smile.

    14. These scented candles don't only look fab, they'll also fill your giftee's room with sweet and soothing floral scents.

    15. The products in this pamper set are all eco-friendly and vegan, and will help them to unwind after a stressful day.

    16. They can give this Calma Llama a squeeze whenever they're feeling stressed.

    17. This Works' Great in Bed set will help them to nod off in style, and is actually worth over twice what you'll pay for it!

    18. They can get lost for hours in this intricate colouring book that's deeply satisfying to complete!

    19. Help them set a relaxing mood with this aromatherapy diffuser – the rustic wooden design will go with pretty much any style of decor.

    20. This pamper box is perfect for a relaxing night in. It includes treats like Himalayan bath salts, a jasmine scented eye mask, a hot chocolate spoon, and a cute personal message from you if you fancy!

    21. This mindfulness book will encourage them to appreciate the little things, believe in their personal power, and so much more.

    22. They can light these incense sticks at different times, depending on whether they want to feel energised in the morning or wind down for the night.

    23. These Sanctuary Spa bath salts give off a rose gold shimmer, so the person getting them can glow as much on the outside as they do on the inside.

    24. This deeply indulgent gift set will help them create the prefect night in with its nourishing and sleep-promoting products.

    25. They can set a relaxing mood with this Himalayan pink salt tea light holder, which gives off a warm glow once the candle is lit.

    26. Using these super nourishing sheet masks will make them feel like they're at a fancy spa.

    27. This quirky meditation print will remind them to take a moment for themselves every once in a while.

    28. Help them treat their tresses with this coconut oil-infused towel that supports hair growth, improves moisture retention, and strengthens their locks.

    29. Finally, encourage them to start each day off right with these affirmation cards that they can keep on their desktop.