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    36 Satisfying Storage Solutions To Help You Organise Your Home In The New Year

    New year, new more organised you.

    1. You can store your makeup sponge right where you need it most thanks to this clever holder that'll keep it dry, secure, and away from dusty surfaces.

    2. These handy hooks have a strong adhesive so you won't have to drill any holes into the wall, and they can be placed on any smooth surface to suit your needs.

    3. Keep the area under your sink tidy with this lil' caddy – the handle also makes it easy to carry cleaning products around the house while you do the Big New Year Clean.

    4. I don't think I need to explain how satisfying it'll feel to stack your cans and bottles up on these non-slip silicone racks!

    5. This space-saving cutlery organiser has designated compartments for any kitchen utensil or gadget you can think of!

    6. And this kitchen sink tidy has a place for your sponge, washing-up liquid, drying cloth, and more, if you're always at a loss for where to put them!

    7. If your cabinets have more height than width, this mug holder rack will slide easily onto most inner or outer shelves to save surface space.

    8. And the same goes for these extendable fridge sliders that'll prevent your fruits and veggies from getting squished. They also have a breathable design to keep your produce fresh.

    9. These genius self-adhesive pan lid holders offer a storage solution that doesn't involve them clattering about whenever you move a pot.

    10. I'm sorry, but how deeply satisfying does this organiser look when it's filled up? It'll fit your cotton buds and pads perfectly!

    11. This wooden desk organiser has tons of compartments to keep all your bits and bobs neatly tucked away – and it even has a handle so you can move them to another space easily.

    12. This organiser tray sits neatly in your drawer and keeps your spices tucked away and free from dust.

    13. Avoid tangled charging cables thanks to these self-adhesive holders that each have five slots to keep all your cables right where you need them.

    14. These ~magic~ hangers will help you save space in your wardrobe by stacking your clothes vertically and keeping them evenly spaced out.

    15. This shoe cabinet will store a surprising amount – despite its slim shape – thanks to its clever pull-out drawer design.

    16. Keep all your mops and brooms neatly tucked away on this wall-mounted organiser that also includes six hooks to store smaller appliances!

    17. This laundry basket has a collapsible design so it'll take up minimal space when you're not using it!

    18. This structured storage bag has a huge 75L capacity but is flat enough to slide easily under your bed.

    19. Keep your family's toothbrushes separate and dry with the help of this lil' caddy. You can remove the inner compartment and base to clean it really easily!

    20. This slim storage unit will keep spare loo rolls and cleaning products out of sight without cluttering up a limited space.

    21. This genius shower caddy will hold all your essentials at the most convenient height for you. It's easy to install with the waterproof adhesive included and the cleverly-angled shelves allow you to catch every last drop of shampoo.

    22. You can neatly store your undies, T-shirts, and more in these divider boxes that'll slide easily into most drawers.

    23. Avoid losing your small jewellery pieces by storing them in this rotating organiser.

    24. If you don't have enough space for a bedside table, this self-adhesive shelf can be mounted onto your wall to hold your small essentials.

    25. Create extra space in your cupboards with this raised shelf that prevents small spaces from getting too cluttered.

    26. And these lil' dividers will organise your makeup, cutlery, or general knick-knack drawer like a dream.

    27. This stainless steel rack will let you neatly stack your baking trays, chopping boards, and any other flattish dish.

    28. You can hang these storage pockets on the wall or over any average-sized door to keep your folders and notebooks tidied away.

    29. And this caddy can be slipped over the edge of your bed or sofa as a bit of extra storage. It has lots of compartments to keep your belongings secure but separate.

    30. You can *finally* flip through your neatly-folded T-shirts without ruining them all thanks to this stackable organiser.

    31. This specially-designed heat-resistant caddy is the perfect place to store all your hair styling tools.

    32. This storage ottoman doubles up as a stylish footstool and can be flat packed so it won't take up too much space when you're not using it!

    33. Instead of throwing all your reusable shopping bags into ~The Drawer~, why not keep them in these cute plastic bag holders instead?

    34. This little rack will hold your eyeshadow palettes, powder compacts, and more to keep your dressing table clear of clutter.

    35. This turntable organiser makes it easy to reach items in a cluttered fridge or cupboard without having to move everything else out of the way.

    36. Finally, you can label all of your sleek storage boxes and organisers with these reusable blackboard stickers.