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    34 Ridiculously Cute Gifts To Make Even Grinches Smile This Christmas

    Their heart *might* even grow three sizes.

    1. Nobody can resist this super cute hippo tea infuser which is the perfect gift for tea lovers.

    2. And this little dumpling light is almost aggressively adorable!

    3. These over-the-knee wooly socks will keep them properly warm and their lil' pom-pom ears peek out over their lil' panda faces!

    4. This Frida Kahlo teacup set with a saucer shaped like a flower is just so pretty.

    5. This adorable hamster keyring would make a great stocking stuffer for someone who loves their furry lil’ friends.

    6. And presentation is EVERYTHING with these socks that look like sushi!

    7. You can customise this corner bookmark with their initials or a logo from their favourite movie.

    8. These double-wall insulated glasses are unBEARably cute and will keep your giftee's tea hot and their milk cold.

    9. This fox heating pillow looks like it’s curled up into a little ball(!) and will help them to stay warm and cosy.

    10. If they're into puzzles, they'll probably be OBSESSED with the world's smallest Rubik's cube.

    11. It's pretty much impossible to not fall in love with this Baby Groot plant pot on sight.

    12. If they're forever reading their way into the night, you just know they're gonna love this anglerfish book light which they can clip onto any book.

    13. This Christmas bear is handmade, wears a cute little knitted hat, and is just so TINY!

    14. This cute and practical Highland cow mug has a space to keep their leftover teabag and is dressed in a suitably festive jumper.

    15. You can give one of these handmade lapel pins to your fellow couch potato.

    16. There’s a cute little panda at the bottom of this ceramic mug!!!

    17. And this wooden ornament makes a really cute and thoughtful gift for your friend that's always losing their glasses.

    18. If they've seen every single episode of Planet Earth, they'll adore this David Attenborough activity book – which btw, has a section called 'Hattenborough' where you can choose the most appropriate headgear for his 'world tour'.

    19. These squishy little peas-in-a-pod keyrings are a fun stress reliever and would make great stocking fillers!

    20. This Baby Yoda T-shirt just speaks for itself, really.

    21. This actual TREASURE of a crochet cactus will melt anybody's heart.

    22. They can place this mini panda magnet so it looks like it's climbing up the fridge – or in any other suitably adorable position.

    23. This plush cat pillow is so unbelievably chonky!

    24. For the egg to your bacon – you can give them one half of this keyring duo.

    25. If they're into quirky jewellery, they'll adore this PEAR of earrings.

    26. This whale plant pot only needs a succulent to reach ultimate levels of gift perfection.

    27. Any homeware lover will appreciate these coasters that look like oversized buttons.

    28. You can get them one of these thirsty plant pots that literally feed themselves.

    29. They'll be forgiven for believing these tiny tealights are actual mini succulents.

    30. And these mini tealights are so adorable in their little elephant homes.

    31. This sloth powerbank is perfect for that friend who's always stealing your charger.

    32. This fine bone china cream jug has a cute lil' curled-up hedgehog design!

    33. And this matching sugar pot features the most adorable waddling duck.

    34. Finally, with mini jars AND tiny little flowers, these fairy lights have it all.