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    38 Random Useful Products That'll Give You Change From A Fiver

    They're cheap, cheerful, and won't end up sitting idly in The Drawer!

    1. Clip this lil' caddy over the kitchen tap for a handy place to keep your sponge clean and dry while you're not using it.

    2. This L'Oréal ~Wonder Water~ is a complete game changer for damaged hair! Apply it like a traditional conditioner for a super smoothing effect that won't leave your hair feeling at all heavy.

    3. You know these subtle little hooks are sure to come in handy. Their self-adhesive design allows you to put them up pretty much anywhere in your home!

    4. This Sanctuary Spa hand sanitiser smells great, won't dry out your hands, and has a spray-on formula which is super easy to use!

    5. This post-shave balm soothes sensitive skin, minimises ingrown hairs, and reduces redness and razor bumps! It's specially formulated for intimate areas, so you can use it anywhere on your body.

    6. This genius contraption will hold your pan lid and wooden spoons *right* where you need them most. It's easy to clean and the ridges will hold multiple cooking utensils at once.

    7. This incredible sponge changes texture based on the water temperature, making it ideal for tough scrubbing and light washing-up.

    8. This tiny weightlifting crab lives in my mind rent free. It'll hold anything from your lip balm to your glasses!

    9. This deeply nourishing sheet mask is infused with coconut milk and hyaluronic acid to leave you with plumped, glowy skin.

    10. These toothpaste squeezer stands will make sure you get every. Last. Drop. You can use them for tubes of moisturiser, cleanser, and other beauty bits too!

    11. I can't think of a more perfect place to store your electric toothbrush than in this self-adhesive caddy.

    12. If this unseasonably chilly April is playing havoc on your lips, this O'Keeffe's repair balm will heal, smooth, and protect them from further cracking.

    13. And this hardworking heel balm will get your feet summer sandal-ready in no time!

    14. This lightweight woven storage basket is giving me serious Scandi decor vibes.

    15. This washing-up sponge removes grime, dried food, and 99% of bacteria with just water! It has a scrubbing side and a wiping side, so it's pretty much all you'll need to clean your dishes and countertops.

    16. Get your barbecue grill ready for the (hopefully) hot days ahead with this incredibly efficient cleaning block. It scrubs away the most encrusted of dirt and grease with ease!

    17. Baylis & Harding's classic Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit scent is everyone's favourite! You'll make a decent saving if you stock up on this hand wash bundle compared to buying them individually.

    18. And speaking of amazing scents, this banana Hair Food by Garnier will leave your locks feeling nourished and smelling *ridiculously* good.

    19. This powerful kitchen cleaner is infused with grapefruit seed extract and tea tree oil, meaning it's kind to the environment and your hands while being tough on stains and grime.

    20. Customers swear this therapeutic shampoo tackled scalp conditions like psoriasis and dandruff when nothing else could!

    21. This storage box is surprisingly sleek and stylish considering its low price!

    22. This best-selling carpet cleaner contains all you'll need to remove tough stains and ~interesting~ smells from your household fabrics, and all for under three quid!

    23. And you can use this baking soda powder to clean pretty much everything in your house. It'll do everything from unblocking the bathroom drains to keeping the fridge smelling fresh!

    24. Get that summer glow (no matter what the weather!) thanks to this highly-rated gradual tan mousse.

    25. These eyebrow razors are precise and gentle enough to remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz from your face, leaving you with positively *glowing* skin.

    26. These mosaic microfibre cloths will give your surfaces a streak-free shine while looking like literal pieces of art.

    27. This Sally Hansen nail treatment strengthens chipping, peeling, and bendy nails, providing a smooth surface for your mani.

    28. This Burt's Bees hand and lip gift set is packed full of nourishing ingredients, making it the perfect little treat for yourself or a loved one.

    29. This vintage-style toothbrush holder looks far more expensive than it actually is!

    30. This leave-in conditioner cream strengthens your hair and repairs damaged strands, making your locks look fuller at the ends. So if you left it a bit too late to book your post-lockdown trim, this will tide you over till spaces open up!

    31. This silicone storage pod will stretch over half-used avocados, keeping them fresh and helping to prevent waste.

    32. These non-stick silicone spatulas will always come in handy, and I love their chic neutral colourway!

    33. And these matching food clips will keep your packeted goods fresher for longer.

    34. This niacinamide serum works to fade acne sacrs and pigmentation, reduce the appearance of pores, and calm irritated skin.

    35. Tame your tresses with this extra strength hair serum which instantly repels humidity to leave your locks looking smooth and glossy.

    36. The ribbed base of this storage tray allows the items on top to dry quickly, making it ideal for holding washing up sponges, cooking utensils, and more!

    37. This egg yolk separator basically does what it says on the tin – and looks pretty darn cute while doing it!

    38. Finally, this adorable storage pod will protect your banana from bruising while you're on the go.