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    19 Random Things I Discovered And Now Basically Use Every Day

    These might just become your new go-to products.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. I've only been using this powerful serum for under a week, but I'm already seriously impressed with the results!

    Valeza Bakolli / Via BuzzFeed, Amazon / Via

    I've used it post-cleansing and pre-moisturising every evening for the last few days. In such a short time my skin already feels smoother, my acne scars have faded slightly, AND I haven't had a single breakout despite it being ~that time of the month~. Three drops are enough to cover my entire face and neck, so I predict the bottle will last me ages too.

    Price: £24.95

    2. This milk and honey-scented cuticle oil has taken up a permanent residence on my bedside table.

    Valeza Bakolli / Via BuzzFeed

    If, like me, you've ever wondered what Miss Honey's honeysuckle cottage must have smelled like in Matilda, then I'm pretty sure I've found the answer – this stuff smells *divine*! The lightweight formula makes my nails feel nourished but not greasy, it comes in a HUGE bottle, and I love the clever design which allows it to be stored either upright or tilted at an angle.

    Price: £9.95

    3. I've been stirring a tablespoonful of this bovine collagen protein powder into a smoothie or cup of tea every morning, and it doesn't alter the taste or texture one. Single. Bit.

    Valeza Bakolli / Via BuzzFeed

    It contains pure hydrolysed collagen peptides, which work to strengthen your bones, muscles, and skin. The superfine powder is completely tasteless, so you can add it to pretty much any food or drink you like! Oh, and it's also free from sugar, gluten, and dairy, and is halal and kosher certified.

    Price: £19.95

    4. Okay, I might not use this 'No Haircut' leave-in conditioner every day, but I do use it each time I wash my hair. My ends definitely feel healthier as a result!

    Valeza Bakolli / Via BuzzFeed

    That's no mean feat considering I haven't had a haircut since last summer! This lil' cream helps to seal split ends while preventing further damage. So with hairdressers now seemingly booked up for months, I can rest easy knowing I'm in no need of a trim anytime soon!

    Price: £3.96

    5. I love burning a few of these beeswax pillar candles in the evening. They don't release any harmful carbon or soot and they have a surprisingly long burn time!

    Valeza Bakolli / Via BuzzFeed

    Can we please talk about how incredibly cosy these candles look? I'm obsessed with the honeycomb design. Oh, and shoutout to these subtle-yet-sophisticated candle holders that protect my mantlepiece while giving it a ~regal~ touch.

    Price: £16.99 for six beeswax candles, and £16.99 for four gold-tone candle holders.

    6. Since I got this personalised corner bookmark as a Christmas gift, it has been put to good use every day.

    Valeza Bakolli / Via BuzzFeed

    As someone with quite an unusual name, I love anything monogrammed. This bookmark is of a really high quality, and as it's made from leather I know it'll age well too!

    Price: £9.50 – you can choose between 11 different base colours and eight foiling colours.

    7. I love winding down every evening with the help of this sleek diffuser. It has skincare benefits and is so pretty it's basically decor.

    Valeza Bakolli

    Spending most of my time indoors with the central heating on during winter was wreaking havoc on my already-dry skin and hair, so I bought this diffuser to add a bit of humidity back into the air. It was ridiculously easy to set up! I like to create my own mix of essential oils and let the changing colours of the light create a soothing vibe whilst I get ready for bed.

    Price: £21.24

    8. This daily planner pad helps me to organise my day and just looks really pretty on my desk, TBH.

    Valeza Bakolli / Via BuzzFeed

    It has helpful sections which encourage me to focus on my health and wellness, as well as the all-important to-do list.

    Price: £10.99 for 50 sheets.

    9. While I might not go for a run *every* day, I take this super handy running belt out with me whenever I do!

    Valeza Bakolli / Via BuzzFeed

    Because it's a truth universally acknowledged that nearly every pair of decent running leggings must be in want of pockets. This belt fastens comfortably around my waist and provides easy access to my phone, keys, and card holder.

    Price: £11.99 – it's available in sizes S-L.

    10. This gorgeous Frida Kahlo-themed teacup and saucer have become my official Morning Cuppa accompaniments.

    Valeza Bakolli / Via BuzzFeed

    They're just beautiful. While they look delicate, they're also surprisingly sturdy and of a high quality.

    Price: £10.69

    11. This high-quality matcha green tea powder has a subtle yet pleasant taste and makes me feel more energised and less jittery than coffee.

    Valeza Bakolli / Via BuzzFeed

    I've been drinking matcha tea for years, but this superfine powder is by far the best in taste and effectiveness out of all the varieties I've tried. I actually look forward to drinking it each morning!

    Price: £9.95

    12. The collapsible design of this laundry basket means it can be tucked away neatly when it's not being used.

    Amazon / Via, Valeza Bakolli / Via BuzzFeed

    The lightweight design and sturdy handles make it a dream to use!

    Price: £15.99

    13. I can clean and moisturise my skin in one step thanks to this Sanctuary Spa shower oil.

    Amazon / Via

    It smells *deeply* luxurious and the highly nourishing formula still builds up a decent lather!

    Price: £6.00

    14. I adore these multicoloured glass straws! They're comfortable to drink from, easy to clean, and look genuinely gorgeous.

    Valeza Bakolli / Via BuzzFeed, Oliver Bonas

    The set that I currently own has sold out, but they're still available in a slightly different (and equally eye-catching) colourway.

    Price: £10.00 for six straws and a cleaning brush.

    15. A spritz of this vitamin D spray each morning really helped to improve my mood and energy levels through the long, grey winter.

    Valeza Bakolli / Via BuzzFeed

    And seeing as it's still snowing in April, I don't see this product going into hibernation anytime soon! It has a sweet minty taste, so I like to spray it on the inside of my cheek after I brush my teeth in the morning.

    Price: £5.52

    16. This small but mighty blender is ideal for making individual smoothies.

    Amazon / Via

    I used to put off making smoothies in my huge old blender – I'd always end up making too much, and there were so many compartments to clean! But this personal blender makes *just* the right amount for one person and creates far less washing up.

    Price: £19.99

    17. If I close my eyes, it feels like an actual masseuse is kneading my back, rather than this shiatsu neck and shoulder massager.

    Valeza Bakolli / Via BuzzFeed

    Simply slip your wrists through the loops, direct the massage pad wherever it's needed, and let the rotating nodules do all the hard work for you. I use it for a few minutes each day and it has really helped to ease the tense knots in my shoulders.

    Price: £39.99

    18. With warm weather (hopefully) on its way, I've started using a small amount of this O'Keeffe's cream on my heels before bed to get them summer sandal-ready.

    Valeza Bakolli / Via BuzzFeed

    The formula is so intensely hydrating that I only need a tiny amount to cover both feet. It sinks in almost instantly with no greasy residue, so you can even apply it during the day without having to worry about your feet slipping.

    Price: £6.18

    19. Finally, bouncing on this mini trampoline at random points throughout the day has become my favourite pastime!

    Valeza Bakolli / Via BuzzFeed

    It's an excellent way to get moving when I feel like I've been sitting down for too long. It carries up to 100kg (so it's great for adults and kids alike) and is small enough to be easily tucked away. I like to use it while watching TV or blasting some music, so I work up a sweat in what feels like no time!

    Price: £48.53