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    57 Products Under £5 That I Just Think You Need To Know About

    Some of these will cost you less than a corner shop sandwich.

    1. These are probably the most beautiful memo pads I've ever seen. Just look at that intricate leaf detail!

    2. These teeny tiny elephant candles never fail to make me smile. They would make a great affordable gift, and each one releases its own scent – if you can bear to burn them, that is!

    3. This Sally Hansen nail treatment prevents chipping, splitting, and peeling by strengthening your nails and smoothing over any ridges.

    4. These webcam cover slides help to protect your online privacy while you're not using Zoom. They're also ultra thin, so your laptop will still close easily.

    5. This highly-rated waterproof eyeliner is very pigmented, has a superfine tip, and is just over three quid!

    6. I can't believe this jade roller is under £2! Keep it in the fridge for an extra cooling effect.

    7. This wholesome lil' gift set contains all you'll need to grow your own sunflowers.

    8. Get in on the hair claw trend for less thanks to this set of clips that come in three wearable colours.

    9. These lantern fairy lights look far more expensive than they actually are! They're battery operated, so you can put them up basically anywhere.

    10. If you're after a good quality milk frother but are on a budget, look no further than this nifty gadget that's under four quid!

    11. These long-lasting lip tints come in a variety of shades to suit any makeup look! I love their fun ice cream-themed packaging.

    12. Can we please take a moment to appreciate this tiny weightlifting crab? It'll hold your pen, your glasses, and (inevitably) your heart.

    13. Customers say this O'Keeffe's overnight repair mask worked wonders on their dry, cracked lips.

    14. If you're in the market for a cute notebook but don't want to spend too much, then I highly recommend this rhino print one that's made using recycled materials.

    15. These makeup sponges offer seamless blending with minimal product absorption (read: wastage). They also work out as about £1 each, no biggie.

    16. These cool coasters have a non-slip base to keep your drinks sturdy. They also come in retro vinyl record holder packaging, so would make a great gift for music lovers!

    17. These cute crochet mask extenders help to protect the backs of your ears from getting sore as a result of wearing face masks every day.

    18. Give your skin a treat by popping this ultra soothing sheet mask on for ten minutes. It contains chamomile and moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid, making it great for sensitive skin!

    19. This quirky glasses holder basically doubles up as decor.

    20. This handy tool has a cuticle pusher on one end and a nail cleaner on the other. It's great for removing gel nails at home as well as general mani maintenance.

    21. I can't get over this cute handmade sun catcher! The stained glass effect would look lovely both indoors and out.

    22. This unbelievably cute corner bookmark comes in the form of a lil' curled-up fox!

    23. This e.l.f Cosmetics concealer promises a flawless full-coverage finish for up to 16 hours.

    24. This genius Soap Saver keeps your soap elevated, allowing the water to drain through and stopping your bar from getting all gross and slimy.

    25. This mini hyaluronic acid serum is easy to pop in your bag for on-the-go hydration.

    26. I'm more than a little bit obsessed with these strawberry socks. They're the perfect mixture of cute and sporty!

    27. Speaking of cute and practical products, these fine-tipped pens are sure to put a smile on your face whenever you use them.

    28. This extra strength smoothing serum is ideal for taming stubborn flyaways on thick, coarse, and damaged hair.

    29. Meet your new favourite everyday studs (AKA these sweet gold-tone love knot earrings).

    30. This super cheap heel balm lets you concentrate its moisturising effects on the driest spots of the skin. It's perfect if you don't like applying cream all over your feet!

    31. This bestselling heat protection spray strengthens, smoothes, and hydrates damaged tresses.

    32. You won't have to scramble for something to write with thanks to this self-adhesive pen holder! Stick it near your desk or anywhere you know a pen or pencil will come in handy.

    33. This camel-toned nail polish is a classic goes-with-everything shade.

    34. These green penguin paperclips will be your new favourite stationery item.

    35. This lightweight phone holder folds up flat, making it perfect to take with you on the go.

    36. Maybelline's Lash Sensational waterproof mascara has reached cult status for a reason, and you can get it for under a fiver!

    37. This clever thumb marker allows you to easily hold your book open with one hand.

    38. If you love a good to-do list, this floral notepad covers all the bases and looks really pretty.

    39. This nourishing lipstick is surprisingly pigmented and comes in 36 shades!

    40. Using these mini scented highlighters will take you way back to the good old scented gel pen days.

    41. And these water-based highlighters feature a bunch of stunning pastel hues.

    42. These divider boxes will make organising 'The Bits and Bobs Drawer' about ten times easier.

    43. I'm more than a little bit obsessed with these colourful macaroon rubbers!

    44. These revitalising eye masks help to protect and hydrate the delicate skin around your eyes. They make a lovely pampering treat when you feel you've been staring at screens for a *little* too long.

    45. Add a pop of colour to your room with these silicone door stops – they're suitable for any type of flooring!

    46. This set of three gorgeous-smelling Baylis & Harding hand washes for under a fiver? Yes please.

    47. This lil' lady helps to clean your microwave in just seven minutes! Simply fill her up with vinegar and water to loosen any stains and disinfect the surfaces.

    48. These cleansing wipes are saturated with micellar water, so they'll erase makeup and dirt without leaving behind a greasy film.

    49. These battery-powered fairy lights will add a magical glow wherever you place them.

    50. Sandal season is fast approaching! I'd suggest prepping your feet with these popular peeling masks now to reveal visibly smoother skin in one week's time.

    51. This high-quality oil is ideal for cleaning hair clippers and electric razors. Customers say it also helps to make their tools quieter and keeps the blades sharp.

    52. This moisturising Hair Food can be used as a regular conditioner, deep treatment hair mask, or leave-in conditioner. It contains aloe and coconut extracts to keep the hair feeling soft and healthy.

    53. These quirky decals will ~brighten up~ your boring old light switch.

    54. Or why not ~switch~ things up with this decorative floral decal?

    55. You'll only need one spritz of this maximum-strength antiperspirant spray for effects that last 24 hours.

    56. These tiny lil' lovebird salt and pepper shakers are almost too adorable to bear.

    57. Finally, this gentle cleansing milk removes makeup without making your skin feel at all tight. It's great for super sensitive skin!