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    39 Useful Products For £2 Or Under That Aren’t Complete Tat

    Yes they're cheap and cheerful, but you can still get lots of use out of them!

    1. This lil' microfibre cleaning brush is designed to effectively wipe both sides of your glasses at once, and it'll fit in your pocket!

    2. This copper-tone storage rack is the ideal place to store your makeup sponge to keep it away from dusty surfaces and allow it to ~breathe~.

    3. These personalised wheelie bin stickers will make sure your neighbours know what's what, and they look way more refined than painting your door number on manually!

    4. This tissue sheet mask is infused with chamomile and hyaluronic acid for an intensely soothing and hydrating effect.

    5. This carrier bag dispenser is a much neater way to store your reusable shopping bags compared to chucking them into 'The Drawer'.

    6. If your tea towels simply refuse to stay up on their hooks, these handy towel clips will help to make that a problem of the past.

    7. These stainless steel kitchen scissors can also be used to open bottles and crack nuts!

    8. If you live in a hard water area, using this powerful descaling treatment on your kettle will completely transform the quality of your cuppa – you can use it on your shower head and in your iron too!

    9. And once your kettle is limescale free, pop this stainless steel descaler inside for easy day-to-day maintenance.

    10. This super soft travel card holder looks way more expensive than it actually is!

    11. If your bathroom sponge doesn't have a hook to hang on, you can keep it clean and dry by storing it in this suction sponge holder.

    12. This styptic pencil effectively stops bleeding from shaving and other minor cuts – small squares of tissue need not apply.

    13. These egg poaching bags will help you get perfect (non-soggy) poached eggs every time.

    14. These nose pore strips are so satisfying to use – they use tea tree oil to lift out dirt, oil, and grease, as well as tighten your pores.

    15. I can't get over how cute this little spud peeler is! Aside from its good looks, it also has a super sharp blade and the short handle is really easy to grip.

    16. You can customise this elegant bookmark with your initial so nobody can 'mistake' it for theirs!

    17. Not only are these teeny tiny whisks so fun to use, they're also ideal for smaller jobs like getting lumps out of sauces and hot drinks.

    18. Wearing face masks when out in public is crucial (and necessary) right now, but after a while it can take a toll on the backs of your ears. These silicone bands will help to protect your ears from rubbing, and let you adjust long ear loops to ensure your mask fits properly!

    19. If you're like me and somehow always end up cooking pasta for ten, then this spaghetti measuring tool will help you to get your ideal portion every time.

    20. This sleek and stylish makeup bag has a surprisingly large capacity considering its price.

    21. This multipurpose degreaser works wonders on both hard and soft surfaces – it really puts in all the elbow grease so you don't have to!

    22. This silicone funnel will come in super handy, and it's collapsible so it won't take up much space when you're not using it.

    23. This small-but-mighty ceramic knife sharpener is perfect for camping trips.

    24. This grooming apron has suction cups so you can attach it to your mirror and catch any fallen hairs, making DIY beard trims feel like a breeze.

    25. These genius sponges have a firm side for scrubbing and an antibacterial microfibre side for wiping down surfaces.

    26. This lil' caddy clips onto your sink to give you a dry and clean place to tuck away your kitchen sponges.

    27. This soap tray will keep your bar elevated so that excess water can drain away and it won't get all gross and soggy.

    28. You can use these stylish linen organiser bags to store your shoes, accessories, and dirty laundry.

    29. These curved nail files are ergonomically designed, making them very easy to use.

    30. This sealant tool prevents waste and ensures you get a smooth and professional-looking finish.

    31. This quirky stainless steel bottle opener will slide easily into your wallet to take with you on the go.

    32. This super strong tape will firmly fix lightweight objects to flat surfaces, so you won't have to bother with drills and nails – it can even be used outdoors!

    33. These handmade customisable decals will allow you to add a personal touch to sentimental gifts.

    34. These reusable can covers will help to keep your food fresh and prevent odours in the fridge!

    35. Tucking into these minty chocolate squares will make you feel way more fancy than their under-two-quid price tag might suggest.

    36. This transparent toiletry bag makes it easy for you to see all the bits and bobs inside without opening it.

    37. These lil' page markers are simply too adorable for words.

    38. This highly-rated hand cream works to deeply hydrate dry and cracked skin.

    39. Finally, these super soft pocket tissues will always come in handy – they're made from 100% natural and sustainable bamboo.