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    52 Of The Best Products Under A Fiver I Found After Going Through Amazon With A Fine-Tooth Comb

    I did all the hard browsing work so you don't have to!

    1. These Command mini hooks are perfect for holding up decorative fairy lights and garlands!

    2. Speaking of decor, these maple leaf fairy lights will add an autumnal vibe to your home.

    3. I can't believe how affordable this Sanctuary Spa duo is! It'll make a fab 'just in case' gift.

    4. These classic studs feature freshwater pearls and a silver plated design.

    5. These super cute sweets are entirely vegan and taste like sour watermelon!

    6. This jade gua sha massage tool is under four quid! It'll help you work serums and oils into your skin and can give it a more ~tightened~ feeling over time.

    7. This plug-in night light has a smart light sensor that turns it on at dusk, so you won't stub your toe for the 5,000th time while nipping to the loo in the middle of the night!

    8. This eco-friendly washing-up bowl is made out of 100% recycled plastic!

    9. This incredibly affordable hyaluronic acid serum has a 4.5-star average rating from almost 19,000 reviews!

    10. Grow your very own sunflowers thanks to this cute kit! It would make a fab stocking filler.

    11. I can't believe how gorgeous the design of this heart-shaped soap ornament is. It looks like it costs far more than it actually does!

    12. These lil' silicone snails don't just look adorable, but they'll also ensure the tag on your teabag doesn't fall into your mug!

    13. These screen cleaning wipes have truly transformed my laptop screen! They can be used on any device and come in a huge pack of 100.

    14. These teeny-tiny scented candles come in cute ceramic heart-shaped holders.

    15. Remove any unwanted peach fuzz and give your brows the *perfect* arch thanks to these highly-rated face razors.

    16. This bestselling 'No Haircut' leave-in cream has kept my ends looking healthy for a surprisingly long time!

    17. These little hanging hydroponic vases would make a stylish addition to your WFH office setup. Oh, and they're under one Great British pound each.

    18. And if you can't get enough of sprouting leaves, these lil' bookmarks will hold the pages open so you don't have to! They're great in cookbooks and novels alike.

    19. These Snoball Play sachets make a fun winter activity for your little ones – it turns water into faux snow!

    20. This fun kinetic sand is mouldable and smells like chocolate!

    21. You'll be making a huge saving with this set of three Baylis & Harding hand soaps! The jasmine and apple blossom scent is a reviewer favourite.

    22. These flamingo tweezers will make me smile every time you use them.

    23. This tempered glass screen protector is scratch proof and shatter resistant!

    24. This box of Lindt Lindor truffles makes an excellent gift (and yes, it's okay if the giftee is yourself!).

    25. These noise-cancelling ear plugs are made with self-adjusting polyurethane foam that expands to fit virtually any adult-sized ear!

    26. This highly-rated white face paint is sure to come in handy for ~spooky~ season!

    27. These clever Colour Catcher sheets will prevent your colours from running. If you've popped a red sock in the white wash *one* too many times, this is the product for you!

    28. Treat your tresses to this nourishing hair mask. Not only does it smell incredible, it's also fab for dry ends!

    29. This cutaneous stick is great if you'd rather avoid headache relief in the form of pills. Simply swipe it over your forehead and it'll get to work in minutes!

    30. Customers say these faux mink lashes are amazing quality for the price!

    31. This curl reviver mousse is great for naturally curly and wavy hair. It also offers heat protection!

    32. This fast-charging cable is two metres long, so you'll no longer have to sit on the floor next to your awkwardly-placed plug socket!

    33. This vitamin E-enriched mascara is incredibly volumising!

    34. Show a loved one you care by sending them this pocket-sized keepsake.

    35. These clever ice cube trays have a no-spill design and the flexible base means you can pop the cubes out with ease.

    36. You'll be able to start filling in this week-to-week 2022 diary before you know it!

    37. These silicone straws are comfortable to drink from and far more eco-friendly than disposable plastic ones!

    38. Trust me when I say that this wild rhubarb all-purpose cleaner smells *amazing*.

    39. And this bestselling carpet cleaner will finally remove THAT annoying patch from your favourite cream rug.

    40. These cute star studs are plated in sterling silver!

    41. If you're notorious for leaving your Halloween costume till the last minute then it's probably a good idea to have these temporary wound tattoos laying around.

    42. This letterbox-friendly retro sweets hamper will give you all the nostalgic feels.

    43. This niacinamide serum is a hero for oily, congested, and blemish-prone skin.

    44. You can finish off a ~mystical~ Christmas party outfit with this biodegradable glitter.

    45. Speaking of Christmas, get your home ready with these colourful printed balloons.

    46. Customers swear by this protein shaker bottle. It comes with a wire mix ball to quickly break up lumps of powder!

    47. This heart-shaped tin of sweets can be personalised, making it a fab little stocking filler.

    48. This rooibos loose leaf tea is naturally caffeine free!

    49. This cute silicone cup lid will prevent dust from getting into your cuppa.

    50. This microwaveable mug will make it soup-er easy to heat up your warm liquids!

    51. This loose leaf tea infuser looks like a lil' leaf is sprouting out of your cuppa!

    52. Finally, reviewers say this unicorn fidget toy is great at keeping kids calm and focused.