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    37 Products Under £10 That Are Pretty Much Already In Your Shopping Cart

    Bringing a whole new meaning to cheap and cheerful.

    1. This microwaveable carrying tray, which will catch any spills and has handles, so you won't burn your fingers when you handle your hot food.

    2. These cable tidies have an invisible magnetic closure, so they will keep your loose wires in check while still looking sleek.

    3. These socks look like actual pieces of sushi and TBH, I'm sold.

    4. These makeup brushes are super soft, ridiculously highly-rated, and under £6!!!

    5. This fast-drying hair turban is infused with coconut oil, to give your locks an extra moisture boost.

    6. These ethereal flower hoop earrings will make you feel like spring has already sprung.

    7. And the same goes for this sunflower necklace, which is insanely cute and surprisingly cheap!

    8. You can make your own tasty and impressive-looking gin at home with this gin making kit.

    9. And this oil painting kit comes complete with brushes, acrylic paints, and a canvas with a helpful guide so even the most artistically challenged among us can create something impressive.

    10. And this swear word colouring book takes a bit less effort, but is just as satisfying to fill in.

    11. This Little Book of Life Hacks is full of so many helpful tips, from taking the perfect afternoon nap to throwing the best party on a budget!

    12. You can use this passport to keep track of your experiences, rather than the countries you've travelled to.

    13. Peel the sticky backing off this wooden cable organiser to stick it to any flat surface – so you can *finally* have all your wires to hand when you need them!

    14. This T-shirt is utterly wholesome.

    15. This tote bag has made holding all your veggies with pride its life mission.

    16. And this reusable shopping bag folds up into a cute lil' bluebird!!!

    17. These silicone baking cups are reusable and won't stick to your cupcakes.

    18. And these silicone baking sheets are also perfect for kneading, rolling, and freezing. They're - you guessed it - reusable!

    19. This tile-design side plate has no business being as beautiful as it is.

    20. And your guests would never guess this Van Gogh reproduction print was under a tenner!

    21. This faux plant is perfect for if you're dying to be a plant mum but have neglected one too many of your plant babies in the past.

    22. This wooden ornament looks even more perfect when you add the finishing touch: your glasses.

    23. These string mittens will make you feel like a (very fashionable) kid again.

    24. Why get a boring, plain power bank when you can get this incredibly cute unicorn one?!

    25. And these cute little cases will charge your AirPods and come in so many adorable designs!

    26. This fast-charging cable is two metres long so you don't have to sacrifice comfort for convenience when you're charging your phone.

    27. This facial cleanser is 100% natural, vegan, and comes in recyclable and reusable packaging!

    28. And this charcoal face mask helps to soften your skin and cleanse clogged-up pores.

    29. Okay, these gold eye masks are *slightly* over budget, but I had to make an exception! They're infused with plant-based collagen to give your under eyes a boost and they just look so luxe!

    30. And while this exfoliating foot mask might look a bit worrying during the ~peeling~ stage, the results speak for themselves.

    31. This pomegranate overnight mask promises to soothe and hydrate your skin, fighting acne and pigmentation while you sleep.

    32. These hair clips will make you look put together without having to actually make much effort at all!

    33. You'll find yourself making more mistakes just so you can use this correction tape that looks like a tiny bottle of milk!

    34. This handsome fox's tail doubles up as a handle for this rustic stoneware mug.

    35. This fluffy white rug will update your bedroom with minimal effort and minimal £££.

    36. This adventure fund money jar will help you to save those extra pennies for something special.

    37. And finally, these reusable glass straws will help you do your bit for the environment without having to sacrifice ~style~.