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    30 Products That Might Just Be A Huge Upgrade To The Ones You Owned In 2022

    Say goodbye to brassy hair, wasted paper, and banging your ice trays on the counter to get the cubes out.

    1. Not to be dramatic, but this alarm clock completely changed my life last year. It uses sunset simulation lighting and natural sounds to gently ease my senses awake, which makes it a HUGE improvement on the blaring phone alarm I used before. Plus it's easy to set up, even for a self-confessed technophobe like me!

    2. This reusable makeup remover cloth is a great upgrade for those countless disposable face wipes. It's kinder to the environment, removes even waterproof mascara using only water(!), and costs about the same as an average pack of wipes meaning it'll save you loads in the long run.

    3. These 'magic' thermal tights will look like your normal 10 denier ones but are actually super cosy and warm thanks to their fleecy inner lining! They're also ladder-resistant and will cover any leg hair or stubble so you don't have to plan your outfit around leg shaving day.

    4. Upgrade your towel to this organic cotton one from Good Wash Day – 'cause who wouldn't want to reduce damage, frizz, split ends, AND the time it takes for their hair to dry? Exactly.

    5. I think it's time to update your bathroom storage situation with these satisfying lil' organisers. They'll keep cotton pads, balls, and buds free from dust while offering you easy access!

    6. Speaking of cotton buds, this reusable LastSwab is meant to replace 1,000 single-use ones! It's double-ended, easy to clean, and comes with a sweet little travel case.

    7. If you've never been able to get the hang of blow-drying your hair then I think you should check out this rotating styler. It dries, smooths, and volumises your hair in one go without the need for multiple tools!

    8. And leave bumpy hair buns behind in 2022 thanks to this nifty gel stick that'll smooth down any flyaways, helping you to achieve the *perfect* sleek bun.

    9. IMO, these glass straws are superior to any other style of reusable straw. They're far more comfortable to drink from than metal or silicone ones and my inner child loves the pastel colours!

    10. I don't know who needs to hear this, but I think it's about time you upgraded your headphone sitch to these surprisingly affordable Bluetooth wireless ones. They come in a range of chic nude colourways!

    11. If you're trying to cut down your use of paper this year then you'll love this Rocketbook note pad! You can scan and save your notes then completely erase and reuse the paper.

    12. It's easy to neglect the small (but important) things you use every day – case in point: your mangled old hairbrush. Treat your tresses to this bestselling Tangle Teezer instead! The enhanced bristles are designed for painless and optimum detangling.

    13. If you want to boost your iron levels naturally without having to bother with supplements then might I introduce you to this Lucky Iron Leaf? Simply add it to any boiling liquid (e.g. a stew or soup) for ten minutes to release absorbable vegan iron. It's good for around 2,000 uses!

    14. This Ecoegg is more environmentally-friendly than regular laundry detergent and will save you loads of money in the long run. Once the pellets are finished (after around 70 washes) you can buy affordable refills, so you won't be wasting any plastic!

    15. Forget pressed powder and blotting papers, this reusable oil-absorbing rollerball is your new best mattifying mate! It removes shine without disturbing your makeup or making it look cakey.

    16. This Tile Mate gadget will mean you no longer have to spend an extra 20 minutes each morning looking for your phone/keys/all of the above. Attach it to your often-lost possession and you can literally ring it from your phone, or press the button to make your phone ring (even when it's on silent!).

    17. If your hair is looking more brassy than brilliant blonde, I'd suggest swapping your normal shampoo for this fab Colourplex purple one. It instantly corrected my slightly-too-warm locks after a hair-lightening mishap over the summer!

    18. This high-strength cleaning paste is made using all-natural plant-based ingredients! It's tough on stains, limescale, and more while being kind to the environment.

    19. These ice cube trays have silicone bases so you can simply pop out the cubes. It's undoubtedly an upgrade from your current bang-them-on-the-counter-till-they-jump-out situation.

    20. Customers say these Bluetooth portable speakers are surprisingly affordable considering their high-quality, powerful sound and rich bass!

    21. If you're trying to up your water intake in 2022 then I can't think of a better motivator than this chic water bottle. Not only is it stunning, it's also made of lightweight-yet-durable borosilicate glass to keep your water cold for ages.

    22. Stop wasting (and inevitably running out of) disposable baking paper and replace them with these reusable baking sheets instead. They're great for baking anything from cookies to roast chicken, and they're both easy and satisfying to clean!

    23. With a 4.8-star average rating from over 43,000 reviews this tablet stand is an undeniable upgrade from your current one!

    24. Speaking of which, if your current iPad case is looking a bit battered and beaten then you'll be glad to know this soft-back origami one exists. It folds up to create a stylish-looking stand!

    25. This satisfying and adorable cable clip will be the best thing that ever happened to your sticky tack-adorned charging wires. The lil' magnetic holder makes it super easy to tuck away any messy cables when they're not in use.

    26. If you haven't swapped your normal option for Maybelline's TikTok-famous Sky High mascara then I think 2023 is the time to do so. I think the picture speaks for itself here.

    27. If your family couldn't get enough of the Exploding Kittens game over the festive period then they'll be thrilled to see you bought this 'You've Got Crabs' expansion pack!

    28. Want to upgrade your doorbell without forking out a small fortune? This wireless doorbell and receiver set is easy to install and under £14!

    29. This aromatherapy lamp is an essential oil diffuser and Himalayan salt lamp merged into one! It's great for keeping your airways clear and your plants healthy during Central Heating Season, gives off a warm, cosy glow, and is petite enough to be displayed basically anywhere.

    30. Finally, if you love to have the most up-to-date gadgets at all times, you can trade in your used Amazon devices and receive a gift card in exchange!