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    32 Products That Will Probably Make Your Everyday Life A Little Bit Easier

    You'll wonder what you ever did without them!

    1. These lil' hand-blown glass birds will water your plants for you – and look ridiculously cute while doing it!

    2. And these super thin webcam covers will protect your privacy, but slide open so you can still keep up your weekly Skype sessions.

    3. These acne patches will help your spots to heal while protecting them from pollution and your own fiddly hands!

    4. This cute little stand will hold your makeup sponge, keeping it way more hygienic than when it's lying around on your dressing table.

    5. This bath pillow has the perfect level of neck, back, and shoulder support, so you can properly relax in the tub.

    6. And this adjustable bamboo bath caddy will hold your phone, your book, and even your wine for a truly ~luxe~ bath experience.

    7. These egg poaching bags - affectionately named, 'poachies' - will give you the perfect healthy (and most importantly, non-soggy) eggs, every time!

    8. This dental flosser uses a high pressure jet of water to give your teeth a properly deep clean.

    9. You can stick this motion sensor light on the inside of your wardrobe, your drawers, or pretty much anywhere you need a bit of extra light.

    10. These 'magic' hangers will help you save so much space in your wardrobe.

    11. This honeycomb-shaped drawer organiser will help you to *actually* keep your undies tidy!

    12. And this compact cutlery organiser tray will bring your knives, forks, and spoons to a satisfying level of perfection.

    13. This fabric shaver will get rid of bobbles on your clothes and make them last way longer.

    14. This surprisingly cheap holdall bag has adjustable compartments and multiple pockets to hold all your bits and bobs neatly in one place.

    15. These glasses cleaning brushes are so easy to use and are tiny, so you can take them with you everywhere.

    16. This shower brush will help you to work your shampoo into your hair, and gives you a lil' scalp massage while it's at it.

    17. These teeth whitening strips will give you a brighter smile without the use of peroxide or fluoride – and at a fraction of the price of professional whitening!

    18. Using this limescale remover tool lets you soak your tap in descaling solution, so you won't have to sit around scrubbing it for hours to get an impressive result!

    19. Trust me, this hanging waste basket will make your chopping, cleaning, and wiping duties so much easier.

    20. And while we're on the subject, these oven liner mats mean you'll pretty much never have to give the bottom of your oven a thorough scrub again.

    21. And these drain sticks might just be the easiest and most fuss-free way to get rid of blockages and bad odours, probably, ever.

    22. This ~magic~ chain will hold your wine bottle and impress your house guests.

    23. This cast iron giraffe is probably the cutest toilet roll holder you'll ever set eyes on, and looks way more expensive than it is!

    24. This rechargable dehumidifier attracts excess moisture like a magnet, making it the perfect weapon against misted windshields and bathroom mirrors.

    25. If you can't stand it when your sheets get all wrinkled, then these elastic bed sheet suspenders are the way forward.

    26. These satin pillowcases will help to make your hair smoother and reduce sleep crinkles on your skin, so you can basically count them as part of your beauty regime.

    27. This super slim dustpan and brush set will help you to clean those teeny tiny nooks and crannies.

    28. This fast-drying nail polish top coat will give your manicures a glossy and chip-resistant finish that *actually* lasts.

    29. And paint this liquid latex tape onto your cuticles, be as messy as you like with your nail polish, and gently peel it off for a throwback to your primary school days and a pretty neat manicure!

    30. You'll only need water and this reusable cloth to effectively remove all your makeup – even waterproof mascara!

    31. This fast-charging cable is super long, so you don't have to sacrifice comfort for convenience.

    32. And finally, these cute peas-in-a-pod squeezy keyrings are a fun stress reliever for while you're on the go.