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    17 Products To Help Make Your Eyes Look Amazing Now That They're All People See When You're Wearing A Mask

    Our eyelashes just became a whole lot more important!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. First thing's first, this surprisingly cheap eyelash growth serum is popular with customers (and myself) for a reason!

    Valeza Bakolli / Via BuzzFeed

    This genius little serum works by encouraging new lashes to grow and strengthening the roots of the lashes that are already there, so your natural lashes become thicker and more dense.

    I own this myself, and after a few weeks of use I can confirm that my lashes look more ~voluminous~ and have barely fallen out at all! The bottle is quite big, so you get a surprising amount for your money too.

    Price: £6.98

    2. Shape and define your brows with ease by using these precise eyebrow razors that are gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin.

    Amazon / Via

    The razors are more gentle on your skin than waxing or threading, and make it much easier to get a precise shape. The blades have a grooved design which keeps them sharp and protects the delicate skin near your eyes. You can even use them for dermaplaning to remove fine hairs and dead skin from your face!

    Price: £3.99 for six.

    3. If you want beautifully lifted and separated eyelashes for up to a month, then look no further than this DIY lash lift kit!

    Amazon / Valeza Bakolli / Via

    I tried this myself for the first time recently and let's just say I was blown away! The kit was super easy to use (even for a beginner like myself) and my lashes are still looking great one month later. Check out this article for a more detailed analysis and step-by-step instructions on how to use it.

    Price: £17.84

    4. This eyebrow dye kit is so easy to use and will save you a bunch of trips to the salon.

    Amazon / Via

    With a 4.6-star average rating from almost 9,000 reviews, customers love how quick and easy it is to use as well as its super natural-looking colour. The kit has enough of each formula to use around 12 times, and the results last for up to six weeks!

    Price: £6.95

    5. If the fair colour of your eyelashes means that – despite their decent length – they're not very visible, then it sounds like this eyelash dye kit is right up your street.

    Amazon / Via

    'Cause wearing mascara all the time gets pretty tiresome after a while. I've tried this out myself and the results are almost instantaneous! You can choose between brown for a more natural look (which also works well on brows), and black if you want a lil' extra ~drama~. Customers recommend using a clean mascara wand to brush the product through more easily and achieve an even quicker result.

    Price: £8.99 for the black dye kit and £6.99 for the brown.

    6. Rejuvenate your under eye area with the help of these bougie-looking eye masks. They're made using actual 24k gold powder for a brightening and hydrating effect.

    Valeza Bakolli / Via BuzzFeed

    They also contain collagen which stimulates and regenerates skin cells to restore elasticity and firmness to your skin. I love using these as a little self-care treat, and usually store a few packs in the fridge for an extra cooling effect!

    Price: £9.99 for 25 pairs.

    7. This affordable little eye cream uses natural ingredients to hydrate, soothe, and tighten the under eye area.

    Amazon / Via

    The vegan formula uses 98.9% natural-origin ingredients, but don't be fooled into thinking that makes them less potent! The main active ingredient (angelica archangelical root water) has anti-inflammatory and toning properties, and also works to tighten the skin around the eyes while keeping it nourished.

    Price: £3.99

    8. And for a more targeted treatment, this eye cream is infused with snake venom to help smooth the skin and reduce the appearance of dark circles and eye bags.

    Amazon / Via

    The ingredients might sound scary but don't worry – the venom is totally fine to use on the sensitive skin around your eyes. Customers say the key ingredient really works wonders on their fine lines, eye bags, and dark circles, with visible results pretty much straight away!

    Price: £3.97

    9. You can use this organic castor oil kit to nourish your brows and lashes, helping them to grow.

    Amazon / Via

    The self-contained mascara-esque packaging helps to make the application process more hygienic, which is crucial for products that are used around the eyes! Customers say the high-quality oil worked wonders on their brow and lash hairs, and even helped to treat skin and scalp conditions like psoriasis.

    Price: £5.09

    10. This mascara has a super soft brush and is infused with castor oil to nourish and enhance your lashes at the same time.

    Amazon / Via

    Customers adore the volumising effect this has on their lashes, and say the nourishing formula doesn't dry out and flake towards the end of the day like other mascaras can!

    Price: £6.07

    11. This highly-rated mascara will give your lashes a volumised and defined look, for days when you want a bit of extra ~oomph~.

    Amazon / Via

    The curved brush helps to capture and define every hair – even the annoying little ones – and the specialised formula allows you to build up multiple layers without clumping!

    Price: £4.96

    12. According to customers, this lil' eyelash curler performs way beyond its price tag!

    Amazon / Via

    It gives a lovely smooth curl without any awkward crimping, and the padded centre is firm enough to deliver a good curl while soft enough to not pull or tug your lashes.

    Price: £3.11

    13. This iconic concealer is specially designed to be used under the eyes – it glides on smoothly and has a natural-looking brightening effect.

    Amazon / Via

    The cushion tip makes it easy to swipe on and blend in, and the lightweight yet pigmented formula effectively conceals dark circles without creasing.

    Price: £5.35 - £6.53 depending on shade – it's available in 18 different shades.

    14. Removing all traces of makeup at the end of the day is key – using these reusable bamboo pads are kinder to the environment and your skin.

    Amazon / Via

    There are 12 super soft pads for everyday makeup removal, and three that have a slightly rougher texture for extra exfoliation and hard-to-remove face makeup. The pads come with a laundry bag that you can store them in once they're used, and they're super easy to machine or hand wash!

    Price: £4.99 for 15 pads.

    15. If you spend a lot of time using electronic screens, then you might want these stylish and affordable blue light-blocking glasses. They can help to reduce eye strain and headaches, keeping your peepers looking and feeling fresh!

    Amazon / Via

    The lenses work to effectively filter almost all harmful blue light before it reaches your eyes. It's a good idea to wear them while you're working on a laptop or computer and for a few hours before bed, as blue light blocks the sleep hormone melatonin which can make it more difficult for you to feel sleepy.

    Also, can we please talk about how chic these frames are? They could easily be ten times their actual price!

    Price: £11.99

    16. These refreshing eye drops are a hero to overworked, dry eyes!

    Amazon / Via

    The formula works to hydrate and brighten the eyes, helping to alleviate the tired feeling that comes with hours spent in front of a screen. Customers swear these have a much longer lasting effect than many (more expensive) alternatives!

    Price: £3.15

    17. Finally, help your eyes to relax after a long day with this soothing gel eye mask.

    Amazon / Via

    The gel beads can either be cooled in the freezer or heated in the microwave depending on your needs – the side that touches your skin is soft and fuzzy, so it really is a soothing experience.

    Price: £8.99