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    21 Products For If You're Trying To Be Way Less Messy In 2021

    Consider all your clutter and spill-related problems solved.

    1. This anti-spill cup holder will stop you from spilling your tea all over your keyboard – again!

    2. This wall-mounted mop tidy will prevent all your long-handled cleaning tools from cluttering up the hallway floor.

    3. These cable sleeves will hide the unsightly tangle of wires behind your TV.

    4. And if you hate loose wires as much as I do, this cable tidy box will be another essential purchase.

    5. You can store your pan lids in these space-saving holders instead of letting them cause clutter and crash around in your cupboards!

    6. These collapsible organiser boxes will help you *finally* sort out The Dreaded Drawer that you shove all your random things in.

    7. This rotating jewellery organiser easily slides open and shut so you can utilise the lil' compartments and then tuck them away neatly.

    8. If you can no longer stand the clutter around your sink, then this is the organisation caddy for you!

    9. Even if you have the occasional messy spill ('cause who doesn't?), at least this waterproof tablecloth is easy to wipe clean!

    10. These wire holders will stick to the side of your desk or TV unit to hold charging cables *right* where you need them most.

    11. This genius storage unit slides into slim spaces! You can use it to tuck away things that you use regularly but don't want cluttering up your space.

    12. Use this in-shower squeegee to wipe away splashes before they have a chance to turn into hard water stains.

    13. This storage basket and play mat hybrid will make your little one's messy playtimes far easier to tidy up!

    14. And these silicone bibs will catch any spills as your messy monster starts to explore the exciting world of puréed fruit and porridge.

    15. Keep your handbag clean and tidy – even if it doesn't have any pockets – thanks to this bag organiser insert.

    16. This bathroom storage unit is a great place to keep your cleaning products and spare loo rolls out of sight.

    17. If your headphones are forever getting in the way, you can hang them on this self-adhesive holder.

    18. These water and food bowls come with a non-skid mat that's wide enough to catch any inevitable spills.

    19. This storage box is specially designed to prevent your Christmas lights and decorations from getting tangled.

    20. Keep your closet clutter to a minimum thanks to these divider boxes that'll ensure your socks and undies are neat and separate.

    21. Finally, if you're forever losing your remotes (or despairing over where to put them) this remote control caddy has your back.