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    21 Products To Help Solve All Of Your Gym Problems

    Work out with less worries!

    1. These workout leggings have a pocket for your phone so you don't have to worry about precariously balancing it on the machines.

    2. This cotton gym towel has a zip pocket to store your phone and keys because honestly who knows what to do with them when you're working out?

    3. Block out the looky-loos with these wireless noise-cancelling headphones.

    4. Say goodbye to boring swimming with this waterproof mp3 player.

    5. Help eliminate odour from your running shoes or gym bag with these mini air-purifying bags.

    6. Going from work to workout? Try this backpack.

    7. Or if you’re loyal to your regular work bag, make it more gym-friendly with these packing cubes.

    8. A common problem for anyone with bigger chests is that a good sports bra is so damn hard to find. Thankfully this one is designed for D+ boobs and over 700 people rated it five stars!

    9. Dry yourself off faster after that post-gym shower with an XL microfibre towel that is thin enough to fold into a more compact size for your bag.

    10. Stay motivated with this Fitbit fitness tracker.

    11. These headbands are moisture-wicking and fast drying so that you can exercise without sweat rolling down your hairline.

    12. The barbell covers at the gym can sometimes be a bit worn out and at risk of slipping off, which isn't great if you're doing something like squats. This heavy-duty barbell pad will stay securely on the barbell and the high-density foam padding will make for more comfortable lifting.

    13. And after you lift try this foam roller so you can’t use those sore muscles as an excuse to get out of HIIT.

    14. Stay hydrated with this genuinely beautiful water bottle.

    15. Try this sleep aid device if you’re having trouble waking up for your morning gym sesh.

    16. If you’re always bailing on the gym at the last-minute, try this weekly planner whiteboard

    17. If you go to the gym straight after work but don't like wearing a full face on the treadmill, these cleansing cloths only need some water to remove your makeup.

    18. However if you do prefer keeping makeup on at the gym and just don't want it sliding off, this setting spray is rated 4.4 stars and claims to keep your makeup intact for eight hours.

    19. Some gyms require you to bring your own lock for the lockers, so get yourself a good one like this highly-rated four-digit combination lock.

    20. When you start lifting weights you might get a case of "gym hands", i.e. dry or peeling skin particularly between your fingers. So moisturise them with this salve from Burt's Bees, made with botanical oils and beeswax.

    21. And take it easy on any weak joints with this padded exercise mat.