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    24 Products Under £10 That'll Really Give You Bang For Your Buck

    If you love value-for-money finds, look no further!

    1. I've been using this deeply nourishing hair mask for months now and have yet to make a dent in it! I like to use it as a regular conditioner day-to-day, or keep it on for an hour before washing if my locks are feeling particularly dry.

    2. It'll take you *ages* to get through this massive pack of heavy duty bin liners!

    3. The formula of this popular O'Keeffe's hand cream is super concentrated, so you'll only need to use a tiny amount at a time! The consistency isn't greasy at all and sinks in almost immediately.

    4. This grill cleaning block wipes away encrusted dirt and grease like a dream. I almost can't believe it's under three quid!

    5. This Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay face mask comes in powder form, so not only will you get a HUGE amount of product, it'll also keep for absolutely ages! I use it whenever my skin feels extra congested, and it never fails to leave my face feeling baby smooth and looking radiant.

    6. Reviewers say these versatile knives perform way beyond their price tag – they work out at just over £2 each!

    7. This makeup brush set looks like it should cost at least five times its actual price! The soft synthetic brushes come in pretty much any style you could possibly need and the marble design looks super luxe.

    8. This high quality matcha powder is so powerful, you'll only need a small amount per serving. The tiny pot (that won't take up much space) makes 50 cuppas!

    9. This incredibly versatile sponge has so many uses! It has a soft wiping side and a scrubbing side (which changes texture based on the water's temperature) making it perfect for anything – from light washing to tough scrubbing.

    10. This sleek nail polish set includes some pretty gorgeous neutral shades – all for under a tenner!

    11. This vitamin C serum has a 4.4-star average rating from over 51,000 reviews, so you know it's worth checking out! The 60ml bottle will take you a while to get through too.

    12. This Zoflora concentrated disinfectant has reached cult status for a reason! The tiny 250ml bottle creates ten litres(!) of full-strength disinfectant that kills 99.9% of bacteria and keeps your surfaces smelling fresh.

    13. You'll save loads of money by giving yourself a DIY brow tint with this highly-rated kit. There's enough product for 12 applications, which works out as around 50p per use!

    14. These heavy duty bamboo paper towels are reusable! A single roll will provide you with the same amount of uses as 65 rolls of disposable towels.

    15. This eyeshadow palette includes four wearable, blendable, and highly pigmented shades – not bad for three quid!

    16. This washing up pad can be used with water alone, so you'll save loads on extra cleaning formulas! It has a scrubbing side and a wiping side to get your surfaces gleaming in no time.

    17. This lightweight picnic blanket folds up into a teeny tiny pouch that you can fit in your pocket, making it perfect for spontaneous picnics.

    18. These hydrating sheet masks each have different properties to target a multitude of skin concerns, and they're about £1 each.

    19. These under eye masks are infused with hyaluronic acid and collagen to give your dark circles the bougie boost they deserve – on a budget, that is!

    20. This ~miracle~ cleaning paste works wonders on baked-on grime, tough stains, rust, and more. You'll get two tubs for under a fiver!

    21. This milk and honey cuticle oil nourishes my nails, smells incredible, and comes in an extra large bottle. I've been using it every night for over a month and it looks like I've barely used any!

    22. This pan lid holder/kitchen utensil rest has so many uses, I was genuinely surprised at its affordable price tag.

    23. These reusable can covers will fit any standard-sized can to keep the contents fresh and prevent ~interesting~ smells from developing in your fridge.

    24. Finally, if you're as obsessed with hair claws as I am ATM, you can get this pack of three cute neutral ones for under £7!