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    29 Products To Make You Feel Incredible From Head To Toe

    From scalp massagers to skin-smoothing body scrubs.

    1. This soothing tea tree-infused treatment will tackle a dry and itchy scalp, and the brush applicator means it feels super satisfying to use!

    2. And this shower brush has so many uses – from detangling your locks and massaging your scalp to distributing products evenly through your hair.

    3. This ~magical~ hair treatment mask has rave reviews! Customers say it made their extremely damaged tresses feel unbelievably smooth in a matter of minutes.

    4. It's almost impossible to use this scalp massager and not give off an involuntary shiver – it's just that satisfying!

    5. These NIP+FAB pads are infused with a high concentration of glycolic acid – a powerful yet non-abrasive exfoliant. Use them once a week to smooth bumpy texture and reveal soft and supple skin.

    6. Speaking of chemical exfoliants, this toner is infused with pumpkin and papaya enzymes which are gentle enough to use daily for an effortless glow!

    7. This calming sheet mask helps to soothe breakouts and irritation as well as rehydrate the skin.

    8. This ice roller feels AMAZING on dry and irritated skin. Use it to work your skincare products in more effectively and it'll boost circulation, decrease puffiness, and potentially help shrink the appearance of pores while it's at it!

    9. This bestselling CeraVe cleanser is infused with salicylic acid, making it ideal for smoothing dry, rough, and bumpy skin.

    10. And you can use this electric facial brush together with any liquid cleanser to give your skin a proper ~deep~ clean.

    11. This O'Keeffe's lip repair stick will leave dry and cracked lips feeling soft and supple.

    12. This Shiatsu neck and shoulder massager honestly feels like a real masseuse is kneading your back. You can apply as much or as little pressure as you need via the helpful handles!

    13. And if you're after a more targeted massage, this handheld rollerball can be used anywhere on the body. It's great at working out tight knots!

    14. This hot sugar scrub will make your body feel soft and smooth, and the warming effect feels lovely while you're rubbing it in!

    15. This long-handled shower brush is great for scrubbing hard-to-reach areas! You can use either side wet or dry to suit your needs.

    16. Soothe your skin and your senses with this sea salt and bergamot-scented body wash.

    17. This silicone scrubber is way more durable than a loofah! You can also use it dry to help boost circulation and make you feel ~revitalised~.

    18. This intensely soothing gel contains aloe and propolis to instantly heal and hydrate. It's great for sensitive and acne-prone skin!

    19. This non-greasy body cream moisturises like an oil but absorbs almost instantly!

    20. And you can use this ultra rich Sanctuary Spa moisturiser while you're still in the shower to lock in moisture and get to dolphin levels of smoothness.

    21. This powerful exfoliant contains a 10% concentration of alpha hydroxy acids to effortlessly scrub away patches of dry skin and rough bumps. Customers say it improved their keratosis pilaris when nothing else could!

    22. You'll only need a tiny amount of this hand cream for the driest of knuckles. It has an extremely hydrating effect without leaving a greasy finish!

    23. Prep your nails for a DIY mani in a matter of seconds with the help of this cuticle remover gel. It painlessly dissolves your cuticles, smooths any bumps, and gets rid of excess dry skin around the nail beds!

    24. This cuticle oil will keep your nails hydrated and strong, smells divine, and comes in a HUGE bottle that'll last you ages!

    25. This exfoliating body brush is great for removing ingrown hairs without damaging the skin.

    26. And you can apply this clever balm immediately after shaving to prevent rashes, irritation, and razor bumps from forming. It's ideal for intimate areas!

    27. You can use this lightweight foot massage roller pretty much anywhere! The nubs create the acupressure effect of a deep tissue massage that's an absolute dream for sore arches.

    28. Use this gross-yet-satisfying foot peeling mask now to get your feet sandal-ready in time for summer!

    29. Finally, rub a tiny amount of this non-greasy foot cream into your heels every night before bed to keep them soft, smooth, and hydrated throughout the day.