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    29 Products That'll Probably Be In Your Basket In Less Than One Second

    They're so useful, you won't even have to think twice!

    1. If conventional conditioners tend to weigh down your hair, this Wonder Water repairs the strands while keeping them lightweight and bouncy! Simply apply the formula to your lengths, massage it in, then rinse it out after a few seconds for a truly ~glass-like~ shine.

    2. This anti-chafing gel creates a breathable-yet-silky barrier on your skin. You know it's gonna come in handy once the weather warms up properly!

    3. This theft protection roller stamp is a handy alternative to a shredder – one swipe will conceal multiple lines of text. If you do a lot of online shopping, you'll be pleased to know that it's also great for erasing your name and address from packaging before throwing it away.

    4. Speaking of covering things up, these acne patches will conceal and heal your spots at the same time!

    5. This 4head stick soothes and relieves headaches without the need for any pills! It gets to work in two minutes and contains enough product for over 100 uses – no biggie.

    6. This foot massage roller creates an acupressure effect, so you can give your soles a satisfying deep tissue massage in the comfort of your own home.

    7. And get your heels summer sandal-ready by rubbing some of this O'Keeffe's cream into them each night. The non-slippery formula is super concentrated, so you'll only need to use a tiny amount at a time.

    8. This lil' weightlifting crab will hold your pen, glasses, or even lipstick! It's the definition of a no-brainer purchase IMO.

    9. These unbelievably yummy Reese's peanut butter chips are a great way to switch up your famous chocolate chip cookie recipe!

    10. If you struggle with razor bumps and sore skin after shaving, then might I introduce you to this soothing post-shave balm? It's specially designed for ~sensitive~ areas, so you can use it all over the body!

    11. Indecisive weather wreaking havoc on your lips? Look no further than this intensely nourishing (yet surprisingly non-greasy) O'Keeffe's lip repair balm.

    12. These Yankee Candle fragrance spheres will fill your room with the clean and calming scent of freshly washed towels. They're perfect if you like to save scented candles for cosy evenings but still want your home to smell great during the day!

    13. I can't imagine anyone not wanting to make their cleaning process faster, easier, and far more satisfying. Enter: this hardworking SonicScrubber cleaning brush!

    14. This space-saving toilet brush has silicone bristles which are highly durable, flexible enough to get into any nooks and crannies, and super easy to keep clean.

    15. Apply this Shower Shield to any limescale-prone surfaces to prevent the buildup of limescale and dirt for up to a few months!

    16. This lint roller will restore your beloved (but bobbly) clothing and upholstery to their former glory.

    17. Now that it *finally* feels like summer is on its way, you can celebrate by decorating that boring bush in your garden with these solar-powered fairy lights. I think they're bee-utiful.

    18. Four gorgeous, wearable, and highly-pigmented eyeshadows for only three quid? Sign me up!

    19. This powerful acne cream uses encapsulated vitamin C and nano salicylic acid to treat breakouts and help fade acne scars without drying out your skin.

    20. This activated coconut charcoal powder absorbs stains and polishes the surface of your teeth for an impressive whitening effect and squeaky clean feel. The micro-dust texture is easy on the enamel, making it perfect for sensitive teeth!

    21. Get rid of grime, old coffee residue, and bacteria buildup in your Nespresso coffee machine by popping one of these cleaning capsules in for a cycle.

    22. With barbecue season fast approaching, get your grill up to scratch with the help of this cleaning block. It also works wonders on encrusted grime and dirt on your oven shelves!

    23. And this heavy duty oven liner will catch any fallen food before it has a chance to become baked-on grime on your oven base!

    24. These light dimming stickers are absolutely genius! Use them to cover any harsh beams (e.g. from your Wi-Fi box or laptop charger) so you can still see the lights without them interrupting your sleep.

    25. These leafy soap dishes aren't just a pretty face. They'll drain excess water in an instant to keep your soap dry and stable.

    26. These handy lil' rollers make it incredibly easy to remove garlic peels without any waste!

    27. These boiled egg storage pods are way more adorable than they have any right to be!

    28. If your home office chair could do with a little upgrade, why not add this coccyx cushion? It offers support and pain relief for your lower back and tailbone.

    29. Finally, these sofa protector boards will reinforce the base of your sofa to prevent any sagging or damage over time.