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    24 Products That Have Just Really Intrigued Me Lately

    I couldn't not share these with you.

    1. This lil' weightlifting crab will hold your pen, lipstick, or glasses, and I am officially obsessed.

    2. This mattifying face roller provides a soothing massage and blots away excess oils! It can be used over makeup and the volcanic stone material makes it great for acne-prone skin.

    3. This teeny tiny portable diffuser is pretty, practical, and surprisingly cheap!

    4. When I saw that my favourite affordable skincare brand had just released this niacinamide serum, you can just imagine my excitement. The key ingredient works to fight breakouts and improve the appearance of acne scars. And if that wasn't enough, it's under a fiver!

    5. These bear claw-esque shredding forks look like so much fun to use, and their durable design makes them really effective too. Bring on the summer barbecues!

    6. This long-handled weed brush has strong metal bristles that remove moss from cracks in the pavement in one easy sweep, so you won't have to scrub and scrape at them for hours!

    7. These hanging flower pots offer a cute and colourful solution if you have limited outdoor planting space.

    8. If you'd like some indoor greenery, this space-saving terrarium won't take up any desk space and will add a quirky touch to your wall decor.

    9. This self-adhesive loo roll holder has no business being so stylish, TBH.

    10. This watering can light feature will brighten up your garden in more ways than one.

    11. You can print memories directly from your smartphone thanks to this tiny instant printer!

    12. I'm obsessed with the cute design of this macramé water bottle holder! It's perfect if you don't want to carry a large bag while you're out on a walk.

    13. And speaking of traveling light, this picnic blanket folds up into a pocket-sized pouch, making it easy to carry around with you just in case.

    14. This face and body massage tool has a mini rose quartz gua sha on one end and a roller studded with 30 germanium stones on the other. You can use it to massage acupressure points, promote lymphatic drainage, decrease puffiness, and much more!

    15. I don't think I even need to explain why this fire-breathing dragon night light is included in this list!

    16. This incredibly handy wall-mounted hanger will hold any long-handled appliances – and a few extra knick knacks – so your cupboard can stay clutter-free.

    17. These little ceramic sauce dishes are cute, colourful, and stackable! They also work as fake miniature frying pans, should the (unlikely) occasion for such a thing ever arise.

    18. I might be a little late to the party here, but I'm amazed at how this air fryer will let you fry, grill, bake, and roast your food with barely any oil!

    19. These ice globes will feel unbelievably soothing on your skin. You can use them over sheet masks or to help your skincare sink in and, let's be honest, they also look really ~cool~.

    20. I adore the marble design of these handmade pillar candles. They're made using 100% beeswax, so they won't release any carbon or soot while they burn.

    21. This Himalayan salt cooking brick is so versatile! It makes for a dramatic serving dish as it is, or you can heat it up to cook steak and other food on its surface. The salt will add the perfect amount of seasoning to any food you place on top.

    22. You don't need to fork out for a special oven to make your own authentic stone-baked pizza, you just need to slip this ceramic pizza plate into your regular kitchen one!

    23. This granite rolling pin takes way less effort to use compared to a regular one thanks to its sturdy weight! It'll also stay cool to the touch, making it ideal for rolling out pastry dough.

    24. Finally, my inner child is jumping for joy at the sight of these giant playing cards!