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    I Shop Online For A Living – Here's 67 Things That Have Really Impressed Me In 2021

    And yes, I already own about 80% of these myself.

    1. Firstly, this Sally Hansen instant cuticle remover gel has been an absolute dream! It painlessly dissolves the excess skin around my nail beds in mere seconds, making my at-home manis easier AND more professional-looking.

    2. Not only is this teeny-tiny Bluetooth speaker absolutely *adorable*, but customers say it has an impressive bass and volume considering its size!

    3. This TikTok-famous mascara has been hyped up for a reason! It gives me incredible volume and length and I can add layer after layer without my lashes looking at ALL clumpy.

    4. This handmade soy wax candle smells like warming cinnamon and vanilla and it has a wooden wick which crackles as it burns to make you feel like you're cosied up by the fireplace!

    5. This large set of Command picture hanging strips is excellent value for money! They'll hold up your artwork and frames without the need for drilling any holes in the wall.

    6. There was a point after lockdown this year where getting a hairdressers appointment was near impossible. So my long-suffering locks were grateful for this leave-in conditioner cream that made my ends look freshly-cut for ages.

    7. My nails tend to get dry and brittle (and inevitably break) as the weather gets colder, so next on my shopping list is this super affordable Hard as Nails strengthening formula.

    8. Dots for Spots are my go-to whenever a pimple rears its head. The genius acne patches help to heal and protect my spots and offer a bit of coverage without any need for concealer!

    9. Speaking of clever skincare, I have my eye on this niacinamide solution that helps to decongest pores and smooth the skin's texture, all for under a fiver!

    10. This lil' electric whisk makes me feel like an expert barista in my own kitchen! It mixes up matcha tea and protein powder like a dream.

    11. These mini Command clips are perfect for hanging up fairy lights. They've been firmly stuck onto my sister's ceiling for the last year!

    12. This vitamin D spray tastes refreshingly sweet and minty and gives me a much-needed energy boost on winter mornings!

    13. This lash lift kit has been my best friend over the last year. It's super easy to use and delivers *results* at a tiny fraction of the price of getting it done professionally!

    14. You only need a *tiny* amount of this foot cream to keep your heels smooth and soft. I particularly love its sock-friendly non-greasy texture!

    15. Dr Beckmann's carpet cleaner is a bestseller for a reason! It gets out tough stains with ease thanks to its powerful formula and handy built-in scrubbing brush.

    16. As someone who doesn't eat pork, I tend to avoid sweets seeing as they usually contain gelatine. Luckily these sour watermelon sweets are vegan-friendly (and taste amazing!).

    17. These satisfying Joseph Joseph pan lid organisers truly switched up my previously-cluttered kitchen storage space!

    18. I defy anybody not to be excited about this ~magic~ formula that turns water into snow!

    19. This luxe masala chai kit contains speciality tea sourced from a single family-run estate in Assam.

    20. I'm so impressed with the price of this generous Sanctuary Spa gift set! It'd make a fab 'just in case' present.

    21. If you're in the market for a retractable washing line then might I suggest this Minky one? It's durable, affordable, and carries two lines of washing with ease!

    22. This Femfresh shower and shaving cream is great for intimate areas. It contains moisturising oils and helps to reduce redness and razor bumps!

    23. Spray some of this Liquiproof solution onto your trainers, suede bags, and more to make spills and rainwater literally slide off the fabric!

    24. This LEGO bouquet has been all over TikTok! It's fun to make and beautiful to look at once it's completed.

    25. I can't be the only one who's *obsessed* with this space-saving kitchen roll holder?

    26. This toothpick dispenser somehow manages to be both practical and ridiculously cute!

    27. This clever styptic pencil quickly stops bleeding from shaving nicks and other small cuts!

    28. If you're after an affordable gift for your book-loving pal then might I suggest this quirky clothes peg clip-on book light?

    29. This silicone toilet brush set is far easier to clean than its bristly brother, and the slim design won't take up too much space in smaller WCs!

    30. This gorgeous set of hand creams looks like it costs far more than it actually does!

    31. I swear by this hyaluronic acid serum! It leaves my skin feeling plump and hydrated AND is under a fiver.

    32. These satin pillowcases create less friction with your skin and hair as you sleep, so you can basically count them as an honorary member of your beauty routine.

    33. I bought this neck and shoulder massager as a gift for my mum and can't stop using it myself! You can control the pressure yourself, and it genuinely feels like a professional masseuse is kneading your shoulders.

    34. Hate getting dust and crumbs all over your keyboard? Allow me to introduce you to this mini portable desktop vacuum.

    35. As someone who hates clutter, I find these magnetic measuring spoons to be utter genius.

    36. Speaking of clutter-proof purchases, I'm super impressed by this mini funnel that has a space-saving collapsible design!

    37. I adore how this Sanctuary Spa sugar scrub warms up as I rub it into my skin. The huge tub has lasted me ages!

    38. If you're always busy then you'll be happy to hear this clever shower oil lets you wash and moisturise your skin at the same time!

    39. And if you still want to add a bit of hydration in these cold, dry times, I swear by this Creamy Body Oil! It combines the finish and comfort of an oil with the longevity of a thick cream.

    40. This heavy-duty oven liner has rave reviews! Customers swear it'll make cleaning the base of your over so much easier.

    41. Everyone I know that's tried this Garnier Hair Food mask has sung its praises. It nourishes the driest of tresses and smells delightful!

    42. Seche Vite's fast-drying top coat never fails to give me a super speedy mani that's chip-resistant for over two weeks!

    43. These extremely sleek playing cards are completely waterproof, so they'll last way longer than that battered old set you take to the beach year after year.

    44. As a self-confessed chocoholic, I can't fully express my happiness when this HUGE 850g bar of Dairy Milk chocolate arrived in the post.

    45. Matcha tea helps to boost my energy levels without the usual jitters I get with coffee! This ceremonial-grade powder tastes amazing and is easy to whisk into a smooth drink.

    46. If you want to make your living room shelf look Insta-ready for under £15 then you might want to check out this super popular body shape vase.

    47. And complete the look for less with these affordable pampas grass plumes.

    48. I can't imagine anything cosier than settling down for the evening with this bonfire marshmallow scented candle flickering in the background. It's a really good price for a large three-wick candle!

    49. Keep your kitchen sponge dry and tidily tucked away in this lil' caddy that fits around the base of your tap.

    50. Reviewers say this CeraVe Smoothing cream is great for improving the texture of rough and bumpy skin.

    51. Little ones can make their bath water crackle, pop, and change colour thanks to this biodegradable and skin-safe powder.

    52. If you live in a hard water area you'll be grateful for this Shower Shield which protects your shower door, chrome taps, and more against the buildup of limescale and dirt.

    53. This fridge liner helps to keep your food fresher for longer!

    54. Whiten your teeth naturally with the help of this activated charcoal powder that's under a fiver!

    55. I don't have a cat myself, but if I did I'd rush to get them this super affordable self-grooming tool.

    56. Can we please take a moment to appreciate these reusable ice cubes? They look like colourful diamonds and won't dilute your drink.

    57. These foot peeling masks will exfoliate the dead skin from your dry heels, all for less than £2!

    58. This endlessly-useful SonicScrubber brush basically works like an electric toothbrush for your household surfaces. It does all the hard scrubbing work for you!

    59. This shower head contains a selection of beads which FILTER THE WATER as it runs through! If that wasn't enough, the smaller, denser outlet holes increase the water pressure, making for a far more luxurious shower experience.

    60. If you suffer from bacne you'll know how annoying it can be to apply topical treatments! Luckily, this scrub soap contains salicylic acid and sulphur to treat your skin while you shower.

    61. I'm quite frankly embarrassed of the state of my laptop screen before I was introduced to these screen cleaning wipes.

    62. I can't get over the hilarious design of these cat bum magnets.

    63. This self-adhesive double hook will *finally* give you somewhere to conveniently store your razor.

    64. If your glasses tend to fog up in colder weather (especially when wearing a face mask!) then this anti-fog treatment spray will be your new best friend.

    65. This pigmented eyeshadow palette is under £4 and features some stunning winterberry shades!

    66. These lil' silicone snails don't just look adorable, but they'll also ensure the tag on your teabag doesn't fall into your mug!

    67. Finally these puffer fish dryer balls will help your clothes dry faster and naturally soften the fabrics.