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    32 Things That I, A Person Who Shops Online For A Living, Have Been Seriously Impressed By Lately

    I'm either lusting after these things, or they're alrerady in my basket!

    1. These helpful lil' silicone men will hold the lids of your pots and pans open to prevent the contents from boiling over!

    2. This teeny tiny Bluetooth speaker is completely waterproof, releases a full and rich sound with an impressive bass, and even comes with a handy lil' case to carry it around in!

    3. This genius hairband combines the firm hold, damage-free technology of an Invisibobble with the convenience and added volume of a scrunchie!

    4. This lightweight cardigan is very on-trend and surprisingly affordable!

    5. These silicone drink covers create an airtight seal on the rim of your glass to keep dust out and heat in – and most importantly, they look like pretty little poppies!

    6. This two-person picnic set holds all the necessary cutlery and plates you'll need in a sleek and compact case!

    7. And this spacious and waterproof picnic blanket looks way more chic than it has any right to, TBH!

    8. To say my skin has had a ~dramatic~ reaction to lockdown life would be a bit of an understatement. These little dots that help to protect, heal, and conceal any unwanted spots have helped massively!

    9. This flippy playsuit is the perfect summery outfit to throw on when you want to look put-together on a hot and sticky day!

    10. And this stylish puff-sleeved dress features the same summery pattern.

    11. This ridiculously cheap hyaluronic acid serum really packs a punch – with reviewers claiming they've seen a noticeable reduction in fine lines and texture in as little as two weeks!

    12. This ergonomically-designed shampoo brush will give your scalp a lil' massage whilst working in the product, and customers claim it's helped with their dandruff and psoriasis too!

    13. Stick these reflective leopard print stickers onto your bike if you want to be safe when riding at night and look good at the same time!

    14. This handheld spiraliser will help you make courgetti spaghetti with ease! The handle allows for a secure and safe grip and you can wind the veggies right down to the end, meaning there will be minimal waste!

    15. These star drop earrings would make a beautiful gift – and they look WAY more expensive than they actually are!

    16. The pistachio green shade and expensive-looking detailing give this swing dress an effortlessly ~refined~ feel.

    17. This clever makeup bag opens all the way out so you won't have to scramble around for your foundation, and it closes up in one easy pull of the drawstring fastening!

    18. These copper lightbulb-shaped paperclips are perfect for keeping all your ~bright ideas~ in one neat pile.

    19. It's now a requirement in the UK to wear a non-medical face covering when travelling on public transport, and as of 24th July it will be mandatory to wear them in shops (this already applies in Scotland). These reusable face masks come in trendy-yet-wearable patterns and £4 from each sale is donated to the charity UK Youth!

    20. This oversized denim jacket is a summer staple – and surprisingly cheap!

    21. If, like me, you love eating apple slices but hate chopping them up, you'll be obsessed with this clever contraption that'll core and slice them in one easy step!

    22. And if you're an avocado lover, you'll be equally impressed with this all-in-one tool that pits, splits, and slices avocados with ease.

    23. I don't know about you, but I literally live in flowy kaftans on unbearably hot summer days! This one has a dreamy floral pattern that makes it look high-end.

    24. You can easily plug this cute mini desk fan into your laptop to keep you cool while you work.

    25. This lunch bag has two insulated compartments to keep your hot and cold food separate – it's perfect for taking on smaller picnics!

    26. This watermelon-themed pampering set is great value for money and would make a lovely gift!

    27. This sushi print pyjama set is super cute and affordable!

    28. This stainless steel coffee measuring spoon also doubles up as a handy bag clip!

    29. This colourful self-adhesive window decal will add a luxe-looking stained-glass effect to your windows. It's super easy to fit and remove, too!

    30. This portable barbecue is honestly stunning and looks like a vintage-style briefcase when it's all packed up!

    31. This big biscuit box is full of tasty nostalgic treats and will make a great present for pretty much anybody (including yourself!)

    32. And finally, the draped design and crinkled fabric of this midi skirt make it look at least three times its actual price!