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    17 Helpful Products That Are Perfect If You're Spending More Time Outdoors Now

    Because let's be honest, this is a really confusing time.

    As some lockdown measures ease in the UK – for example in England and Northern Ireland you are now able to see up to six people from other households at a time outdoors, and non-essential shops are reopening – there's a chance you may be heading out more than usual.

    It's important to stick to the government guidelines to stay at home as much as possible, work from home if you can, limit your contact with other people, maintain social distancing of two metres, and wash your hands regularly – but if you are venturing outside to the shops or plan to do some socially-distanced meetups with friends outdoors, these products may come in handy:

    1. It's now a requirement in the UK to wear a non-medical face covering when travelling on public transport, and it's recommended to also wear them in outdoor settings where social distancing isn't as easy (such as inside shops). So it's a good idea to get a reusable face mask like this handmade one!

    2. With loads of storefronts newly-reopened, you might be venturing out to the shops more often than before – keep your hands hygienic with these palm-coated gloves that are reusable and easy to keep clean!

    3. These sanitising gels will help to disinfect your hands and you can also use it on any surfaces you'll be touching like shopping baskets and trolley handles.

    4. And if you already have a larger bottle of hand sanitiser that you love using, you can decant it into these small reusable bottles which have a handy hook that you can fasten onto your bag, belt, or keys!

    5. These antibacterial wipes are also great to pop into your bag for on-the-go cleaning!

    6. With restaurants still closed to customers, the rise of the socially-distanced picnic is nigh – so get ready for this insulated picnic basket to become your new best friend!

    7. The new version of 'eating out' will also be made much easier with the help of this travel cutlery set.

    8. This travel mug will keep your tea piping hot and your water icy-cold for hours!

    9. These single-use palm leaf plates are not only beautiful to look at, they're also 100% biodegradable!

    10. If you know you'll need to clean up little spills but don't have much space to carry a bigger packet of wipes, these lemon-scented wipes come in individually-packaged sachets.

    11. With the majority of public toilets being closed at the moment, things can get rather tricky if you're planning on spending the day outdoors! This urinal device will make things a bit less messy at the very least!

    12. And you can clean up afterwards with these biodegradable intimate wipes.

    13. If you're meeting up outside with pals from households other than your own then it's a good idea to bring your own picnic blanket to keep your distance.

    14. While everyone loves a cheeky takeaway, these useful reusable containers mean you can save on the cash by taking home-cooked food with you!

    15. And the same goes for these reusable snack bags that won't squash your fruit and fit a surprising amount!

    16. Since you've probably not been outside for long periods of time in a while, it's a good idea to get this mineral sunscreen to protect your skin.

    17. And finally, you can use these reusable shopping bags instead of buying new ones at the supermarket.