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    8 Practical Products I Got Loads Of Use Out Of On Holiday And 9 I Really Wish I Brought With Me

    I didn't think of some of these until it was too late!

    1. You know how your clothes somehow no longer fit in your suitcase when you're packing your things to go back home (even though you definitely haven't bought anything to add to the pile)? Yeah, I feel like that final struggle could have been prevented had I brought along these packing cubes that feature a genius compression design!

    2. I absolutely refuse to go anywhere hot without my trusty La Roche Posay Anthelios suncream. It features SPF50+ but doesn't leave any sticky residue, white cast, or break me out like other high-protection creams do!

    3. NGL though, I wish my careful packing skills had extended to include this mini portable safe. It has a handy loop so you can attach it to your deck chair, keeping your valuables like phones, money, and passports safe if you don't want to leave them in your hotel room. It's perfect if you're travelling solo or with only one other person, like I was!

    4. After (quite literally) being burned one time, I never forget to pack this Piz Buin balm which contains SPF30 to prevent sunburned lips as well as aloe vera to soothe the dryness of coast-side winds. I know there are loads of other SPF lip balms on the market, but trust me, I've tried a lot and this is the only one that offers long-lasting moisture without making my lips feel greasy!

    5. If only I'd given as much thought to my poor scalp, which, predictably (after sitting in 35-degree heat all day with SPF protection everywhere but my hairline) got burnt. Next time this scalp protection spray will be the first thing I pack in my toiletries bag. It's non-greasy AND just over three quid!

    6. At least my after sun game was on point! This Piz Buin Tan Intensifying moisturising lotion helped my pre-holiday sunburn turn into a golden tan in a matter of hours. I also used it religiously on holiday to keep my skin moisturised and prevent any peeling.

    7. I can't lie, after seeing all the chic straw tote bags on the beach, I was hankering for one myself! This gorgeous one is lined, so little bits and bobs won't fall out, and it also contains a zip and handy inner pockets, so I'd even use it as my main summer back when I'm back home.

    8. This Jungle Formula insect repellant roll-on is absolutely genius. It contains the same super-strong formula that my mosquito-attracting skin apparently requires, but in much more travel-friendly packaging. The roll-on was even petite enough to carry in my small evening bag for surprise mozzie attacks.

    9. Every single time I go on holiday I regret not bringing a handheld fan with me, and this time was no exception! This sleek one is small enough to fit into your bag and comes with a base so it can stand up on its own.

    10. This Savlon antiseptic cream is truly a multipurpose hero. I never travel without a tube, as it's amazing for cleaning and soothing things like small cuts, blisters, and sunburn!

    11. One thing I really wish I had packed in my toiletries bag though, is this over-makeup SPF50 spray. The mist application would have made topping up my SPF throughout the day so much easier (and something tells me it cools as well as protects the skin!).

    12. I brought a double wall insulated water bottle with me on this trip and I'm never looking back! It kept my water cool for hours (yes, even under the scorching sun!), so I could stay hydrated throughout the day.

    13. I kinda wish I had brought this cooling blanket with me though, as I can't sleep with the air con on full blast and the heavy hotel bedsheets were NOT hot weather-friendly. It's also great for helping you sleep during the stifling UK heatwaves, I'm just saying.

    14. How to Kill Your Family by Bella Mackie is just about the most perfect beach read I've ever brought with me on holiday! If you're into satirical humour, a complex storyline, and just a touch of murder (read: a lot), then you'll love this just as much as I did.

    15. For some reason I forgot that my hair expands to about three times its size when I'm in hot, humid climes, so I thought creating my favourite slicked-back bun would be a doddle. In hindsight, it probably would have been wise to bring along this hair finishing stick that's a pro at taming flyaways.

    16. While I made sure to keep my body well moisturised throughout my trip, there are some areas that just need more attention! Good thing I brought along this solid body butter block that's designed for hydrating the heels and elbows. The eco-friendly bar is entirely free from plastic (including the packaging) and contains no water, making it super travel-friendly.

    17. Finally, I *really* wish I'd filled a couple of these reusable perfume atomisers with my favourite scent. As it was, I left the big bottle at home in an attempt to keep my luggage light – if only I'd known these had existed before!