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    26 Products That I, A Person Who Shops All Day For A Living, Have Been Seriously Impressed By

    These are the real diamonds in the rough.

    1. I recently treated myself to this jade roller and scraper set and honestly, I have no notes.

    2. And the same goes for this body brush, which really helps to get the blood circulation going in these cold, cold times.

    3. This muddy shoes mat is just a really clever place to store your - you guessed it - muddy shoes.

    4. This removable wallpaper adds the perfect finishing touch to your room, if you really want a feature wall but have home decor-related commitment issues.

    5. This Anker Bluetooth speaker may be small, but she is mighty.

    6. Dishoom’s cookbook will have you recreating their famous chicken ruby and house black daal like a pro.

    7. These chocolate bombes literally contain all you need for the perfect cup of hot chocolate.

    8. This silicone bowl will help you make your popcorn, and hold it for you while you tuck in.

    9. This cool print has an inspirational message and a unique design process.

    10. I kind of need these satin pillowcases in my life, like right now.

    11. This lil' dumpling light is simply everything you’ll ever need in a lamp.

    12. This edible cocktail glitter will add that extra bit of sparkle to your fancy drinks night.

    13. These fiercely independent animal planters feed themselves – and look incredibly cute while doing it.

    14. This no-frills phone stand won’t get in the way of your charging cable.

    15. And while we’re on the topic, there’s also this fast-charging cable which is long enough that you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for convenience.

    16. This bracelet can be customised with your ~unique~ handwritten message.

    17. This cloud-shaped ornament will actually help you to predict the weather!

    18. You can drink this mushroom coffee for a healthier alternative to your morning brew.

    19. These insulated flasks are ridiculously chic, and won’t take up too much space in your bag!

    20. You can avoid single-use plastic bags by using these reusable produce bags to pack away your fruit and veg.

    21. And this lunchtime tool kit that you can take with you everywhere to avoid using plastic cutlery and straws.

    22. This temperature control smart mug would make an amazing gift for your friend that appreciates a *proper* cuppa.

    23. For all my fellow procrastinators – this planner is designed to *actually* make you more productive!

    24. You can clip this adorable reading light right onto your book, so you can read in the dark without ruining your eyesight.

    25. This in-shower corner storage shelf looks really luxe and holds a surprising amount!

    26. And finally, this foundation brush is super highly-rated and blends in foundation like a dream!