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    19 Products To Help Your Skin That You Probably Haven't Thought To Use Before

    You've got your skincare routine down, but what products can help make them EVEN better?

    1. These cruelty-free acne patches are super thin and translucent, so you can wear them discreetly when that mountain of a hormonal spot pays its monthly visit to your face.

    2. This electric facial massager will help your pores get a really deep clean – and it lathers up your cleanser easily, so you won’t have to use up as much product.

    3. Who knew rolling tiny needles over your skin with a derma roller would help to reduce acne scars, and can even encourage balding patches of hair to regrow!

    4. Keep this jade roller cool in the fridge, so you can reduce fine lines, get rid of puffy eyes, AND feel like the pampered queen that you are.

    5. Use this face steamer once a week to loosen up those gross clogged pores.

    6. Or if you prefer a good ol’ head-over-bowl-of-hot-water steam, get the most out of your DIY facial with this pore extractor tool set.

    7. This silicone spatula will help you apply your face mask in a much more hygienic way.

    8. This 100% pure silk pillowcase will cause minimal friction with your skin as you sleep, meaning less fine lines over time.

    9. Improve your dark circles and dull skin by getting a good night’s sleep with this velvet eye mask.

    10. These muslin cloths are meant for babies, so they will be super gentle on your sensitive skin.

    11. If you want to improve your blood circulation, prevent ingrown hairs, and make the skin on your body *glow*, take five minutes out of your day to use this dry body brush.

    12. These vitamins that are specially formulated to improve your hair, skin, and nails.

    13. This under-eye concealer will help reduce fine lines and cover up dark circles.

    14. And this mattifying face powder is infused with skin-clearing ingredients, to help you fight your acne throughout the day.

    15. It’s easy to be careless with your makeup and skincare application, but this mirror is well-lit and has magnifying sides so you can see EVERYTHING.

    16. And this removal pen will help if you want to get rid of skin tags and moles.

    17. If your hands get dry and sore as the weather gets colder, try putting these silk gloves on over your favourite hand cream to help lock in the moisture.

    18. And these heel socks, that have a built-in gel section to help heal your dry and cracked heels.

    19. And finally this ridiculously glamorous foot grater, which is a bit gross but will get the job done.