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    34 Things You Can Use If You Need Some 'Me' Time But Don't Have That Much 'Free' Time

    'Cause regular 10-minute breaks are just as important as entire self-care days!

    1. This mindfulness set comes with 25 creative exercises, colouring sheets to release your inner ~artiste~, and a plain journal for you to capture your thoughts – each exercise takes no more than 10 minutes to do, so it's really easy to fit into a busy day!

    2. Start your day off right by taking a couple of extra minutes before you shower to use this dry body brush – use short, quick strokes towards your heart to encourage blood circulation and lymphatic drainage for an energy boost!

    3. This guided journal for self-reflection will help you to connect with your ~inner~ self for just a few minutes each day, helping to build a greater sense of mindfulness over time!

    4. This wellness set is packed full of little tools to help you take 10 minutes for yourself – including a mini meditation guide, inspirational quotes, and even scented pencils to bring an extra element of calm to your break.

    5. You can use a few of these 'boost your brain' trivia cards any time you feel like you're in a bit of a creative rut.

    6. And spend a minute on each of these exercise cards for a workout experience that's tailored to you, perfect for if you can't dedicate a solid chunk of time to a pre-planned workout.

    7. Roll this massage ball between your back and a wall to ease out knots and aching muscles – it's made from Himalayan salts for an extra antioxidant boost!

    8. If you like the idea of cross-stitching but think you won't have enough time to *properly* get into a design, this customisable cross-stitch journal is easy to complete and will still give you a calming break!

    9. These wellness incense sticks come in four gorgeous scents to suit your every mood – you can let them work their magic while you work your own.

    10. And might I suggest that you hold them up in this ridiculously sleek coiled snake incense holder?

    11. If incense sticks aren't really your thing, you can always try this meditation incense oil to help you to unwind!

    12. If you're having trouble getting to sleep after a busy day, this music pillow connects easily to your phone, and has subtle speakers built inside – so you can drift off in no time to the beat of your favourite tunes!

    13. If you want to decorate your room with old memories – like, right now – then you can use this instant photo printer that turns your smartphone pics into cute lil' polaroids.

    14. Take a few moments to escape into this book of short, sweet, and powerful poems.

    15. This little self-care kit will fit easily through a letterbox, making it the perfect gift for a hard-working friend (or you!)

    16. These hot chocolate bombes have everything you need to create the *perfect* cup of hot cocoa with minimal effort and mess!

    17. This one-line-a-day memory book takes only a few minutes each day to fill out – it will encourage you to create positive memories during these trying times, and future you can see how much you have grown over the years, too!

    18. Hugging this heated pillow for a few minutes will comfort you and keep you ~toasty~.

    19. With these shower steamer cubes, you don't need to have lots of time (or a bathtub) to have a calming bathing experience!

    20. Use this teeny-tiny plant mister to take a moment to care for your plant babies.

    21. Keep this soothing pink clay face mask on for 10 minutes for the ideal addition to a time-saving pamper routine – the powder formula (which you mix with water) also means that it doesn't use preservatives!

    22. Take a minute to properly massage in this basil and white clay hand cream if your hands are feeling the effects of drying soaps and antibacterial gels.

    23. If your hands need moisturising on an even ~deeper~ level, these double-layer hydrating gloves are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C for soft and supple hands, nails, and cuticles.

    24. And these nighttime rescue heal patches will intensely moisturise dry, cracked heels while you sleep!

    25. Light one of these hand-poured soy wax candles to let the soothing scent help you properly relax – even if it's just for 10 minutes!

    26. Set aside a short amount of time each day to write in this positive planner for a 12-week journey that's dedicated to self-care.

    27. This pocket-sized fidget cube has six different functions for when you need a small break to help clear your mind.

    28. This 15-minute hourglass timer will help you to be more disciplined when it comes to giving yourself regular breaks throughout the day.

    29. Create the illusion of a starry sky in your own room with this handmade glass lamp – it's perfect for mindful moments of reflection.

    30. And basking in the glow of this lil' dumpling light will soothe your stresses, even if you're working towards a tight deadline!

    31. Need to keep the beard game strong but don't have any time for cleaning up afterwards? This shaving apron will have you fully styled in seconds!

    32. If your tea is always getting cold, may I introduce you to this sleeping bear cup warmer which will keep it at the perfect temperature?

    33. If you don't have enough time to grab a glass of your favourite tipple, then this helpful bell will encourage others to get one for you.

    34. And these CBD gummies are a ~sweet~ way to unwind and chill at the end of a busy day!