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    If You’ve Been A Bit Stressed Out Lately Then I’d Like To Introduce You To These 14 Self-Care Products From LSW London

    Into wellbeing and mindfulness? This small business is worth checking out!

    LSW London create wellbeing tools that help to encourage positive habits over time. The founder, creative director, and brand's namesake Lili Sinclair-Williams uses her expertise as a therapist to inform the products, which aim to positively impact mental health, wellbeing, and self care.

    1. I'm utterly obsessed with their wholesome mission and the downright gorgeous aesthetic of the products themselves. So of course I had to show you some of my favourite picks, starting with their first ever product: the Mind Cards.

    2. Mind Notes is a six-month journal to help you rediscover 'you'.

    3. And you can save some money by buying the two compatible tools together in this Wellbeing bundle.

    4. Their brand new Morning Notes journal isn't just beautiful but also helps you to start each day with a positive mindset.

    5. And of course they have core pieces of stationery too! This olive green lined A5 notebook is almost unreasonably pretty.

    6. If you prefer to journal in a more visually creative way, you're guaranteed to love this A5 bullet journal.

    7. And if you're as obsessed with the neutral notebooks as I am, you'll be thrilled to know you can bag a bargain by getting all the different shades in a bundle of three.

    8. No LSW stationery set would be complete without the matching pen!

    9. These Journal Edition cards are specifically designed to maximise the effect of your journaling.

    10. The New Mum Edition of the Mind Cards set is the perfect gift for your pal that's just had a little one.

    11. And the Kids' Edition makes for an easy and fun introduction to the power of mindfulness.

    12. As if their stunning stationery bits weren't enough, LSW London also provide guided meditations! This Reflection recording helps you to focus on what you truly want to create the most fulfilling life for yourself.

    13. Their De-stress recording is perfect if you've been struggling to relax lately.

    14. And give yourself the gift of a great night's sleep with the full Sleep Well collection.