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    22 Products That Offer Big Solutions But Take Very Little Effort

    If you like to see results but are kinda lazy, then this is the list for you!

    1. Pop one of these lil' dots over that irritating spot to draw out the gunk, protect it from bad bacteria, and help it heal more quickly.

    2. These enzymatic sticks work to prevent blocks and ~interesting~ smells from developing in your drains.

    3. This multipurpose degreaser works super hard so you don't have to!

    4. Customers that used these teeth whitening strips for half an hour a day have seen impressive results in only two weeks!

    5. Place one of these fruit and veg savers in your fridge to keep your produce fresher for longer – helping to reduce waste and save you money!

    6. If your home tends to get very damp in the colder months, this dehumidifier effectively absorbs excess moisture in the air to prevent condensation and mould.

    7. And if the damp has already left its mark, this foaming mould remover gets rid of mould in just 30 minutes and even helps to stop it from coming back!

    8. This clever antibacterial sponge cuts through grease and grime using only water!

    9. Leave this gel formula on your nail beds for 30 seconds to effectively – and painlessly – dissolve your cuticles and give you a fresh base for your manicure!

    10. And this fast-drying top coat cuts down the time it takes for your manicure to dry, leaving time for the more important things – like admiring your freshly-painted nails!

    11. This pet hair roller is way easier to use than a vacuum cleaner for the day-to-day buildup of fluff on your furniture, carpet, and clothes.

    12. This antibacterial hand spray kills 99.9% of bacteria but is very gentle on the skin.

    13. These incredibly adorable furniture leg covers will prevent any scratches and screeching that comes with moving heavy furniture, making them pretty pawfect in my eyes!

    14. These blue light-blocking glasses will protect your eyes and help to get your sleeping pattern on track.

    15. This portable fabric shaver will let you give your bobbly jumpers, blankets, and upholstery a new lease of life!

    16. These silicone mask extender straps will ensure your face mask fits properly, and doesn't rub uncomfortably behind your ears!

    17. These eyebrow razors will help you achieve the perfect arch in seconds, and can also be used as a dermaplaning tool.

    18. Slip these anti-vibration pads under the corners of your washing machine to stop up to 94% of noise and vibrations.

    19. Pop these tumble dryer balls in with your freshly-washed load to help your laundry dry more quickly and soften the fabrics!

    20. This ~magic~ makeup remover cloth wipes away makeup and cleans your face with water alone!

    21. Save space in your wardrobe while keeping it organised with these clever coat hangers.

    22. Finally, pop these peeling masks on your feet and watch dead skin and calluses literally peel away over the next few days.