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    I, A False Lash-Wearing Novice, Tried Lola’s Lashes Magnetic Falsies For The First Time – Here’s What Happened

    This should be interesting…

    Hi, I’m Valeza, and although I love all things beauty, until yesterday I’d never attempted to apply my own false lashes.

    As someone who barely scraped a C in GCSE art, I’ve never considered myself particularly good at small, fiddly tasks. I’m also terribly impatient (I’ve seen the ‘lash glue dance’ performed on enough YouTubers’ Get Ready With Me videos to conclude that I’d like no part in it). So when I heard that there was a false lash starter kit that required minimal precision and no chicken-like flapping of the arms, I was intrigued to say the very least!

    Lola’s Lashes sell a stunning range of falsies that don’t just look super flattering to wear, but also feature a magnetic strip, meaning you won’t have to use any lash glue! I figured the application process sounded a lot simpler than the conventional method, so I tried out one of their starter kits and here’s how I got on…

    First thing’s first, can we please talk about the stunning packaging?!

    Seriously, I'm a sucker for satisfying fixtures and rose gold-toned packaging – and these pieces did not disappoint!

    Now, on to the fun part – applying the falsies! I started by measuring the lashes against my natural lash line and trimming them to size.

    Once the lashes were good to go, I painted the magnetic eyeliner onto my lids as I would a regular liquid liner.

    When it came to applying the lashes, I was shocked with how quick and easy it was! I could literally drop them into place rather than having to stress about being too precise.

    I was so impressed with how natural the lashes looked!

    And can we please take a moment to appreciate them from the side?

    When it came to removing the falsies, it was easier than I thought.

    Overall I was really impressed with this easy-to-use kit! The lashes looked incredible and I can see the application process getting even easier with time.

    If you're keen to try for yourself, you can find all of Lola's Lashes magnetic lash starter kits right here!