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    21 Little Things You Can Get If You Need Time For You

    Take small moments out of your day for a little TLC.

    1. Burn this Neom Organics de-stress scented candle when you’re feeling a bit wired up.

    2. Take six minutes out of your day to write in a mindfulness diary.

    3. Or if mindfulness isn’t your thing, writing in a journal can help to clear your mind.

    4. You can make this jade roller a part of your morning or evening routine.

    5. Bring out your inner happy (and comfortable) baby with this extra thick yoga mat.

    6. Use this diffuser to make your room smell like heaven...

    7. … with the help of these essential oils.

    8. Nothing says TLC like the perfect cup of tea.

    9. Escape to another world – or several – by reading David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas.

    10. Soothe your mind and your muscles with these epsom salts.

    11. Make your bath more luxurious with this bath oil.

    12. Take this pedometer for a walk.

    13. Escape to the country (sort of) with this book that recommends the best walks.

    14. Work out your knots and your worries with this neck massager.

    15. Or bring the whole spa experience to your room with this massage candle.

    16. Get lost in some really good music with the help of these Bluetooth speakers.

    17. And if you fancy some more Rihanna while on the go, block out noisy commuters with these noise-cancelling earphones.

    18. This face steamer will make you feel like you’re getting a fancy AF facial, but in the comfort of your own home!

    19. Finish your mini spa session with this pink clay face mask to draw out impurities

    20. Spend a little time before you wash your hair applying a deep conditioning hair mask.

    21. Finally, this deep sleep pillow spray.