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    Kendall And Kylie Have Just Released A Limited Edition Clothing Collection On Amazon And TBH I Want It All

    On-trend, size-inclusive pieces that are kind to the environment too? Yes please.

    If you haven’t already, I think it’s time you heard about Amazon’s highly-coveted clothing line, The Drop – it consists of exclusive collections created by international trendsetters.

    The collections are all *super* limited edition – each one is only available for 30 hours! The pieces are made to order in an effort to reduce waste, and the high-quality, affordable, and wearable garments are designed with longevity in mind.

    Kendall and Kylie have only just ~dropped~ one such edit full of stylish-yet-wearable staple pieces and if you hadn’t gathered by now, I’m obsessed. So here are my top picks from their limited edition collection:

    1. This cut-out tie dye bodysuit is super flattering and perfect for autumn!

    2. This cropped cardi is a stylish extra layer that you can chuck on over pretty much anything...

    3. ...maybe these cargo-style cropped jeans for example, that have all the pockets you could ever need!

    4. The intricate detail on this puff-sleeve top makes it the perfect mix of cosy and chic.

    5. This colourful wrap top gives me '70s laid-back-glam kinda vibes.

    6. I'm utterly obsessed with these vegan leather paperbag shorts – pair them with a chunky knit and you're good to go!

    7. The style of this flippy dress makes me feel nostalgic for the noughties, while the neutral colour brings it right up to date.

    8. This lace-up tracksuit set will make you look reasonably put-together and feel like you're wearing PJs.

    9. The cut-out back detail and pearl embellishment on the sleeves makes this far from your average cosy jumper.

    10. These faux leather joggers pair perfectly with a cosy knit.

    11. This stylish co-ord is made from a sturdy denim and can be worn in so many different ways!

    12. Finally, although it's not part of Kendall and Kylie's edit, I had to throw in this super-soft olive green jumper – it’s from The Drop’s ongoing ‘Staples’ collection that’s available all the time, and is full of clothing that pairs perfectly with the items featured here!

    There’s a limited number of each collection piece available during the 30-hour time frame (and they sell out quickly!) so I’d check out this drop ASAP if I were you.

    Explore the rest of the drop here and make sure you sign up for text alerts so you know when the next collection is live!