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    27 Indulgent, Yet Surprisingly Cheap, Products That Might Make You Say "Ooh, Go On Then"

    I mean, it wouldn't hurt...

    1. There's probably nothing more indulgent than an expensive haircut. But since that's not an option right now, this super cheap 'No Haircut' cream is the next best thing! I've been using it in the months since I got my last haircut and my ends are still looking fresh and healthy.

    2. Since hand sanitisers have become even more of a staple over the last year, why not treat yourself to this Sanctuary Spa one? It has a handy spray application, a moisturising, non-stick formula, and it smells divine!

    3. Give yourself the gift of a great night's sleep with the help of this ~Sweet Dreams~ set – it includes a sleep-inducing balm, a soothing pillow spray, and more!

    4. And while we're on the subject of sleep, this satin pillowcase doesn't only look incredibly luxe, it's really kind to your skin and hair too!

    5. Assorted. Lindt. Chocolate. Truffles. Need I say more?

    6. These handmade floral tea lights are almost too beautiful to burn – but if you can pick up the courage you'll be rewarded with the stunning scent of jasmine.

    7. Use this peach-scented lip scrub and overnight mask duo before bed to wake up to smooth, nourished lips in the morning!

    8. These vegan under eye masks are packed full of nutrient-rich minerals, vitamins, and collagen for an instant de-puffing effect and the reduction of fine lines and dark circles over time. They also make for a highly Insta-worthy selfie!

    9. Add a little ~pizzazz~ to your room by putting up this celestial banner.

    10. This fizzy bath bomb releases the sweet scent of wild strawberries to help you feel more energised.

    11. This face mask features two layers of 100% pure Mulberry silk. It's super breathable and kind to the skin, and reviewers swear by it for preventing the dreaded maskne!

    12. You can use this tea tree oil in your diffuser, as an energising addition to your bath, or with a carrier oil as part of a skincare routine!

    13. This sugar body scrub heats up as you rub it in for a deeply indulgent exfoliation experience. The heat opens up your pores while the kaolin clay and sugar particles give them a proper deep clean!

    14. I can't get over how bougie this soap dispenser looks! It's the intricately-detailed glass and gold-toned hardware for me.

    15. Get yourself a 'just because' gift in the form of this luxe vanilla-scented bath set – you'll get a surprising amount for your money!

    16. This soothing lavender and honey-scented set contains a nourishing duo to keep your hands and lips soft and hydrated.

    17. Show your locks some love by using these fast-drying microfibre hair towels after your shower – they twist up into a neat lil' wrap and will make you feel like you're in a spa.

    18. Pamper your furry pal with these highly-rated self heating pads! They're easy to pop into your pet's bed and have a rubber-studded base to prevent any slips.

    19. This affordable clay mask helps to tighten pores without drying out your skin. The pink clay and rose extracts have a calming effect, so it's perfect for sensitive skin!

    20. This cold-pressed organic argan oil works wonders on hair, skin, and nails. It even has a handy pipette dispenser to get the product right into your roots and cuticles!

    21. I've been using these sheet masks since I got them for Christmas and am quite frankly obsessed. There are 12 different options to suit a variety of skin concerns, and they work out as under a quid each!

    22. This fancy macramé wall hanging looks far more expensive than it actually is!

    23. This 24K gold-coated facial massage tool uses electric pulses to work your skincare products in more effectively and promote blood circulation for a ~glowing~ complexion.

    24. Customers swear by this fragrance-free foaming cleanser that leaves the skin hydrated and properly clean!

    25. I can't be the only one who thinks of honey as the fanciest of all condiments? Make the sweet experience feel a bit more luxe with this cute stoneware pot and wooden dipper set.

    26. I can't believe the price of this 24-piece(!) makeup brush set! Customers say the bristles feel luxuriously soft.

    27. Finally, these dinky lil' lip tints come in the cutest wine bottle packaging! The formula dries into a transfer-proof stain so you'll feel like you're not wearing anything.