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    If You Don't Absolutely Love These 37 Products Then I'll Just Jog On I Guess

    I predict these will have you clicking 'add to basket' in under a second.

    1. These lil' sprouting leaf bookmarks aren't just adorable, they'll also keep the pages of your book open! They're great for cookbooks and novels alike.

    2. Ever since I got this undeniably chic leopard mister, tending to my plant babies has become my favourite part of the day!

    3. This vanity mirror has a space-saving trifold design, features three different levels of magnification, and is studded with LED lights so you can get your makeup perfect even in low lighting!

    4. Why not treat yourself to these luxe (yet affordable) bath salts? They release the irresistible scents of caramel and coconut and will leave a lustrous golden shimmer on your skin.

    5. I cannot express how badly I want this teeny-tiny Bluetooth speaker! It's waterproof, will literally fit in your pocket, and reviewers say the sound really packs a punch.

    6. I personally can't think of a better gift from you to you than these strawberries and cream-flavoured truffles by Lindt!

    7. This pick-a-boo toothpick dispenser is *probably* the coolest kitchen accessory I've ever seen.

    8. This maple leaf garland will bathe your room in a warm and cosy glow.

    9. This adorable Highland cow mug has a little pocket for you to put your used teabag! 'Cause I don't know about you, but I have having to interrupt my cuppa by walking to the Big Bin.

    10. This fabulous little cat is the ideal place to store your Airpods.

    11. This luxurious Philosophy body wash/bubble bath hybrid will make your entire bathroom smell like sweet cinnamon buns!

    12. It's basically impossible to not fall in love with these beautiful whale measuring spoons on sight.

    13. When you light these super impressive candles they'll give off a flame which reflects the colour of their wax!

    14. If you don't already own Maybelline's cult-status Sky High mascara, then consider the before and after shot I took this morning to be a sign.

    15. This chilled-out sloth makes for an utterly adorable rug.

    16. This is the most elegant-looking cocktail shaker set I've ever seen! It comes with everything you'll need to get started – including a recipe book with all the classics.

    17. And this set of syrups will make your DIY mocktails and cocktails taste and look incredible!

    18. These liquid lipsticks come in some suitably seasonal shades, are very long lasting, and work out at under a quid each!

    19. This bougie cocoa selection from Whittard includes tins of sticky toffee pudding, raspberry ripple, and peanut butter-flavoured hot chocolate!

    20. Who doesn't love a good true crime doc? I'll wait. Well what if I told you that you could solve your very own mystery case thanks to this super fun game?

    21. This bestselling mug makes for a hilarious birthday gift.

    22. Give your skin a little TLC with the help of this dead sea mud mask! It'll give your pores a proper ~deep~ clean.

    23. There's something so purrfect about these fridge magnets.

    24. This genius lil' bird can predict whether it'll be a sunny or rainy day! I'm just saying, it's kinda essential knowledge for outfit planning during this time of year.

    25. Speaking of rainy days, this 'don't tip the waiter' stacking game will make them far more fun for the whole family!

    26. This helpful horse will hold your sticky notes, pens, and an important memo!

    27. Upgrade your living room's decor with these chic amber glass bud vases. They're great for displaying sweet little floral arrangements!

    28. Give your skin a regular boost of hydration by applying one of these Garnier sheet masks once a week.

    29. This glasses case is, IMO, absolutely roarsome.

    30. This Highland cow-printed foldable shopping bag looks far more stylish than it sounds. It's also water resistant!

    31. This monochromatic tufted rug looks like it belongs in a chic Scandinavian townhouse.

    32. The design of this cotton bud container is as adorable as it is satisfying to use.

    33. This unreasonably beautiful heating pad wraps around your lower back and tummy, helping to ease period cramps and other aches and pains.

    34. Store beauty bits (like sheet masks, face creams, and nail polishes) in this chic portable mini fridge to give them extra cooling benefits and prolong their shelf life!

    35. This lovely little hand crafted necklace features two ivory daisies and an 18K gold plated chain.

    36. These sour watermelon sweets are sure to put a smile on your face. They're also vegan, no biggie.

    37. Finally, this lined notebook has THE most stunning leopard design!