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    If You're Constantly Thirsty During The Heatwave, You Should Try These 21 Hydrating And Cooling Products

    If all you want is to be drenched in ice cold water right now, read on...

    1. Let's be honest – drinking water (though essential) can get a bit a boring. Enter: this SodaStream machine that'll give you sparkling and genuinely tasty water that you can drink alone or use to create your own hydrating concoctions. Not to mention, it's SO satisfying to use!

    2. I love mixing my sparkling water with this kombucha concentrate for a refreshing alternative to sugary drinks. You can add as much or as little as you want depending on your taste!

    3. If you struggle drinking room temperature water then not to worry, as this silicone ice tray makes cubes slim enough to fit through the neck of your water bottle!

    4. And these clever cooling rods will chill your beer and other bottled drinks without diluting the liquid. They contain a clever internal coolant and you can keep them in while you drink!

    5. If you're all hot and bothered, that's no time to be fiddling around with stubborn ice cube trays! Luckily these large-capacity ones have silicone bases so you can pop the cubes out with ease.

    6. And you can freeze your favourite fruit juices or smoothies in these ice lolly moulds for a refreshing treat.

    7. I don't know about you, but I can't stand a squishy paper straw in the heat! Good thing these colourful glass straws exist then. I find them far more comfortable to drink from than other varieties, and they come in two sizes to suit different cups.

    8. Do you ever get the feeling that your fan is just pushing the hot air around? Same. It sounds like we both need this portable fan that has a built-in cooling mister!

    9. And this Magicool spray provides an instant cooling effect for your face and body!

    10. Make your own shaved ice concoctions with this portable slush machine!

    11. Add these Slush Puppie syrups to make your own authentic slushies without having to leave your house!

    12. And this slushie-making cup is so much fun (and takes minimal effort) to use when you only want an individual portion.

    13. If you feel like the air in your room gets way too dry when it's hot, you'll probably appreciate this super quiet humidifier that releases a cool mist!

    14. Remembering to stay hydrated throughout the day can be tricky, but this unreasonably chic frosted water bottle has time markings on the side so you can keep your water intake regular!

    15. And if you hate having to refill your reusable bottle, this huge 2.5 litre one should have your water needs covered for the whole day! It also features a handy straw to make drinking as easy as possible.

    16. And you can't neglect your furry friend in the heat! My colleague Elizabeth swears by this clever portable water dispenser that keeps her pup hydrated on long, hot walks.

    17. You can make your own delicious ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yoghurt in this surprisingly affordable machine! reviewers say the results are ridiculously smooth.

    18. Don't forget to keep your skin hydrated in the heat! The Inkey List's hyaluronic acid serum creates an extra layer of lightweight hydration before you go in with other moisturisers.

    19. And the Replenamist from Facetheory works to restore your skin's moisture balance and lock in hydration without blocking pores or causing sensitivity.

    20. There's nothing worse than applying moisturiser to your skin after a shower when it's already starting to form a sheen of sweat. Luckily this Aveeno after-shower body cream comes in a mist spray form that requires minimal rubbing in!

    21. Finally, this ice roller will keep your face cool and hydrated in the heat, reduce puffiness, and help to tighten pores! You can even fill it with skin-loving ingredients like rose petals and cucumber slices for added skincare benefits.