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    Huda Beauty's #FauxFilter Foundation Is 30% Off At Cult Beauty Right Now, So BRB While I Order Five

    I'm just saying, if you've been wanting to try it out then now's the time!

    Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll probably have heard of Huda Beauty. They stock high-quality, luxury makeup pieces that sit comfortably near the top of any beauty lover's most-wanted list. Well I'm here to tell you that they're currently offering their cult-status #FauxFilter foundation at 30% off on Cult Beauty!!!

    If you love the brand as much as I do, you'll know that Huda Beauty never usually goes on sale, so this is *kinda* a big deal.

    Described as a velvety foundation with a super long-lasting formula, customers adore it for its lightweight feel and impressive coverage. You'll only need a small amount of product to cover your whole face, so it won't look at all heavy on the skin.

    The formula also uses blemish-blurring pigments to reduce the appearance of redness and texture on the skin, helping you get that ~your-skin-but-better~ finish.

    It comes in 30 different colours that vary in shade and undertone, with an aim to achieve the perfect match in colour.

    I'm just going to leave these before and after pics here as a conclusion to my argument that you *need* to try this foundation out for yourself.

    The 30% off promotion is valid for a limited time only! So whether you want to try the #FauxFilter foundation for the first time or you already love the formula and want to stock up, I’d check it out sooner rather than later!!

    You can shop the offer here!