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    39 Homeware Bits To Spruce Up Your Bedroom With Minimal Effort

    For the laziest interior decorators among us.

    1. Whether its a plant, your laundry, or some spare blankets, this foldable basket will hold pretty much anything – and look super minimalistic-chic while doing it.

    2. If you love the idea of a clothes rail but just haven't found the right one yet – look no further than this highly-rated rail, which is super sturdy and slim enough to fit into those tricky narrow spaces.

    3. How cute is this sun-ray stained glass wall hanging?! Top tip: hang it from the curtain rail on your window so you don't have to hammer any nails into the wall.

    4. This faux fur sheepskin rug is super soft and will add a touch of cosy-glam to your room.

    5. Gift this apothecary candle to yourself – it will look so cute on your bedside table, and you can even customise it to your favourite scent.

    6. And you can 'light up' these flameless candles for the same cosy glow without having to worry if you've left them burning.

    7. You can peel and stick this art deco wallpaper up in two easy steps – for the effortless '20s-themed feature wall of your dreams!

    8. Switching up your bedcovers is probably the easiest way to transform your room's aesthetic – this marble duvet cover set is ridiculously chic.

    9. This pretty floral duvet cover set will add a welcome flush of colour to any dull, grey morning.

    10. And this minimal check-print set is making me seriously reconsider the current theme of my bedroom..

    11. This colourful rug looks way more expensive than it is, and is surprisingly big – it covers enough floorspace to pass for a renter-friendly carpet in smaller rooms!

    12. And this rug, if you're after something more minimalistic which still has character.

    13. This sun tarot tapestry is an easy way to brighten up a sad and bare wall.

    14. Future, well-traveled you will thank past you for buying this motivational scratch-off map of the world.

    15. This print of Eleven with her Eggos is pretty much a Stranger Things fan's dream.

    16. You can get your favourite song printed in metallic sound waves with this unique print.

    17. And you can get super personal with this print, by customising it with your favourite phrase or quote.

    18. These hanging strips will make it super easy to actually put your new prints up on the wall – no more holes or sticky residue left behind, either!

    19. This exposed-bulb lamp will add just the right amount of warm glow to your room.

    20. And this cherry blossom lamp is beautifully unique.

    21. These grid display panels give you a trendy place to store all your photos and to-do lists.

    22. This Himalayan salt lamp is shaped like a moon!!!

    23. And these Himalayan salt candle holders are great if you prefer your air-purifying ornaments to look a bit more ~au naturel~.

    24. These deep green velvet curtains will make your room look SO much more expensive – and they have the added effect of blocking out the light in the mornings.

    25. Ever wondered what that random hook hanging from your ceiling is for? Yep, it's confirmed, your room was simply made for this cotton reading nook.

    26. Pop this ottoman bench at the end of your bed for a helpful bit of extra storage.

    27. If your room is already full of posters and prints, switch things up with this hammered-effect moon banner.

    28. How ADORABLE is this plush dinosaur wall hanging?!

    29. You can easily fit this lil' turtle over a spare nail in the wall for a handy place to hang your bits and bobs.

    30. And this coat hanger rack fits easily over pretty much any door, if you don't have any nails to hand.

    31. This clock strikes the perfect balance between cute and practical – and it's non-ticking, so it won't disturb you while you sleep!

    32. And if you just can't get enough rose gold, these wire baskets will look great anywhere and make your paperwork actually look pretty.

    33. This bean bag chair is a necessity for when you want ultimate levels of comfort without actually getting into bed.

    34. This standing planter is an instant way to take your rubber plant from drab to fab.

    35. And if you don't have much floor space, this gold-toned metal hanging planter will make it easy to fit plants anywhere!

    36. This minimalist wall tidy will give you a place to put away your smaller bits and bobs.

    37. These floating shelves will add a rustic touch to your room.

    38. This large ceramic vase looks really expensive and it's got a narrow base, so it will fit pretty much anywhere.

    39. And finally, this stand-alone mirror doesn't need to be hung up on the wall – and it acts as extra storage!