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    28 Products To Help You Feel Like You’ve Taken A Holiday When You're Actually At Home

    They *might* make you believe you're in a bar in Ibiza and not your kitchen in Barnet.

    1. If you can't play games on the beach, then at least you can pretend you are with this cute palm tree print bat-and-ball set.

    2. And if a camping holiday is usually more your ~thing~, you can get this marshmallow toasting kit that includes a smokeless and odourless gel burner that you can use pretty much anywhere!

    3. These underwater disco lights will make your boring bath feel like a rave.

    4. This Slush Puppie kit comes with everything you need to make the ideal nostalgic slushies! It even comes with both red and blue syrup, if you want to go old-school and mix the flavours.

    5. If your favourite festival was cancelled this summer, you can still wear these wristbands that celebrate the ultimate summer destination – your house.

    6. This chic zebra print waterproof blanket will definitely spice up your socially-distanced picnic.

    7. Just add water to this cooling towel to keep it icy-cold for hours – having it around your neck is almost as soothing as dipping your toes in the sea!

    8. Bring a lil' sunshine back to your garden (even after dusk) with this solar-powered 'sun jar' lamp.

    9. Add a bit of sparkle to your favourite summery drinks with this vegan-friendly cocktail glitter dust!

    10. Pop these mini clip-on umbrellas onto your cocktails to give them more of a summery feel – and the best thing is they're reusable!

    11. This portable briefcase barbecue set is so stunning, you might just forget you're not at a BBQ beach party somewhere tropical.

    12. Sad to be missing out on that radiant summer ~glow~? Mix a couple of these self-tanning drops into your moisturiser for a natural-looking tan with no streaks or biscuit-y scent!

    13. This personalised water bottle will help you to stay hydrated whilst living out your Love Island dreams at home.

    14. This inflatable palm tree cooler is super practical and will make your garden feel like a beach club.

    15. If you had to cancel your ~luxe~ spa holiday then you can still recreate it at home with this inflatable foot spa and pedicure set!

    16. Create the perfect romantic starry sky with these gold string lights.

    17. Your cat deserves to feel like they've had a change of scenery too, which is where this fish and chip shop playhouse comes in!

    18. If your favourite part of a holiday is gazing up at the starry sky, then you can get a similar effect in your very own bedroom with this teeny tiny planetarium that projects the constellations onto your wall!

    19. This scented candle sits inside a ceramic bird that'll look gorgeous on your bookshelf, and when you light it the coconut and sea salt scent will whisk you away to a tropical island!

    20. And this bonfire scented candle will transport you to evenings filled with singing around the campfire.

    21. This huge pink elephant sprinkler will make your garden feel more like a waterpark on unbearably-hot days.

    22. This lil' cooler bag is perfectly-sized for your own mini picnic, and the cute print is sure to brighten up your day!

    23. This linen floor cushion will give you a comfy seat to ~properly~ relax on.

    24. These alpaca string lights will get the party started, no matter where you are!

    25. Turn your kitchen into a bougie bar with this quirky light bulb.

    26. Lying on this inflatable lounger will almost feel like you're floating in the sea!

    27. Fill this personalised mason jar with your favourite summery drink to brighten up the greyest of days!

    28. And finally, these reusable ice cubes will add some summery colour without watering down your drink!