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    38 Halloween Costume Ideas To Buy So You Don't End Up Going As 'Person With Blood On Their Face' For The Third Year In A Row

    Including loads of 2022-inspired looks!

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    It's officially ~spooky szn~ and that means one thing: it's time to dress up! Whether you're after a super relevant costume or something timeless that you can wear for future Halloweens to come, this list has you covered.

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    1. I went as Cruella De Vil for last year's Halloween and I can't lie, this stylish wig did most of the hard work for me! I can personally vouch for the incredible quality (especially considering its under-£15 price!).

    2. You can combine it with your best floor-length red dress and this lace eye mask to get Cruella's iconic look from the live-action adaptation.

    3. Or if you want to channel '60s animated Cruella like me then you'll probably need these long red gloves.

    4. Add a faux cigarette holder and the resemblance is uncanny.

    5. I dressed my baby niece up as a dalmatian to match and simply couldn't handle the cuteness, so I'm just gonna leave this utterly adorable hooded romper right here.

    6. Planning on dressing as Morpheus from The Sandman? I'd like to introduce you to this trusty helm.

    7. If you're as excited as me that The Little Mermaid live-action remake is just around the corner, then this gorgeous mermaid tail skirt makes a great start for your costume.

    8. This tie-front cardigan with a fluffy trim is giving Do Revenge and I am 100% here for it. I love the cream and black for an edgier look, but it also comes in lilac if you want to go full-on Rosehill.

    9. Complete the look with this cute pleated mini skirt that'll also look great worn day-to-day.

    10. If the film made you more nostalgic for the teen movies of times past, this yellow checkered 'fit inspired by Clueless is about as fashionable as Halloween costumes can get.

    11. And for the Dionne to your Cher: this equally iconic black, white, and red checkered ensemble.

    12. Channel Eddie Munson from Stranger Things season four with this Hellfire Club T-shirt.

    13. This gorgeous cape will bring your Y2K-themed costume to life. Check out a few TikTok tutorials on butterfly eye makeup to complete the look!

    14. And if your makeup skills aren't *quite* there yet then not to worry, you can pop on this beautifully-detailed eye mask instead.

    15. Pay homage to the late Olivia Newton John (RIP) by recreating her most iconic role. This sleek set depicts her final black top, trousers, and belt combo.

    16. This Rydell High cheerleader set is great if you prefer pre-makeover Sandy.

    17. And I can't imagine anybody not wanting to go as Rizzo for Halloween! This three-piece set will help you recreate her stylish '50s look.

    18. Dreaming of dressing as a space cowgirl? These metallic gloves are selling fast (and no wonder, as they're only three quid!).

    19. And this metallic cowboy hat completes the look!

    20. If Wednesday Addams getting her own TV series is your favourite thing about Halloween 2022, then it's only right to dress as her this year! Might I suggest this black mini dress?

    21. And if you're more of a Hocus Pocus 2 kinda person, then I just thought you should know that this Sarah Sanderson costume exists!

    22. This skeleton jumpsuit is a failsafe option! Dramatically-shaded skull makeup is optional (but encouraged).

    23. And this skeleton co-ord will make a spooky-yet-sleek Halloween outfit.

    24. Reviewers say this all-in-one Spider-Man costume is of a really high quality!

    25. This six-piece set has almost all you'll need to become an authentic-looking '20s flapper girl. Just add your most sequin-studded embroidered dress!

    26. This Batgirl costume is super comfy, PLUS you get to swish around your own cape!

    27. If you're feeling nostalgic this Halloween, simply add a school uniform-esque outfit to complete this Mildred Hubble costume.

    28. I'm a little bit obsessed with this zombie bride 'fit.

    29. This plague doctor mask set makes for an easy-yet-effective costume.

    30. This black floaty dress will work for so many different costumes – from gothic vampire to Morticia Addams!

    31. This Slytherin outfit is such an easy (yet effective) option!

    32. This long cape is completely reversible! With a red side and a black side, your outfit possibilities are basically endless.

    33. Channel your inner Dickens character by donning this top hat – even if it's just so you have an excuse to say "evenin' guvnah" all night long.

    34. Maleficent is still a pretty iconic Halloween costume idea! This horned headpiece will get you off to a great start.

    35. And these black wings will either complete your dark fairy look or transform you into a fallen angel.

    36. If you love to ~make an entrance~ these bat wings will allow you to do just that!

    37. Combine this creepy doll outfit with some suitably scary makeup for a timeless costume that never fails to turn heads.

    38. I am simply besotted with this pumpkin costume for your furry lil' friend!