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    31 Great Gifts That Only An Introvert Can Truly Appreciate

    From adding to their ~cosy nooks~ to facilitating their obsession with tea.

    1. This festive T-shirt perfectly sums up their Christmas plans (and 2020 in general, TBH).

    2. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest they *probably* love a good cuppa – this selection of organic teas makes a lovely gift.

    3. Treat them to a relaxing pamper sesh with this super hydrating and soothing sheet mask.

    4. This weighted blanket uses deep touch pressure therapy to help increase their serotonin and melatonin levels – which will basically make them feel more calm and relaxed.

    5. If they love books more than people, these cheeky socks were pretty much made for them!

    6. They can practise perfecting their calligraphy with this beautiful hand lettering journal.

    7. They can space these deeply soothing aromatherapy roller balls around the house so they're always close to hand.

    8. These hand-carved flower tea lights don't only look incredible, they also release the gorgeous scent of neroli when lit.

    9. They can snuggle up with this couch potato that's basically the plushie version of them!

    10. This reading light clips easily onto the pages of any book, and unfurls into a handy bookmark when they're done reading!

    11. If they have a noisy family, this desk plate will become an invaluable part of their working-from-home setup.

    12. This surprisingly chic teapot has a built-in infuser that'll help them brew the perfect loose leaf tea for one.

    13. They can add these stunning cherry blossom fairy lights to one of their many ~cosy nooks~ around the house.

    14. They'll pretty much live in this oversized fluffy hoodie in the winter months – and, let's be honest, beyond.

    15. If they're a sentimental introvert, they can print pictures directly from their phone screen with the help of this genius instant printer.

    16. Give them a luxe addition to their beloved pamper nights in via these eye masks that are infused with hyaluronic acid, collagen, and 24k gold!

    17. This super handy and highly accurate phone grip will make them feel seen.

    18. The content of this highly-rated book is incredibly wholesome and important.

    19. Place a picture they can cherish forever in this stunning floral frame – might I suggest one of the two of you?

    20. They won't have to share this personalised Toblerone bar with anybody else!

    21. This beautifully-crafted glass mug will make their cosy cuppa feel that bit more special.

    22. This Kalma Kitty will feel so satisfying to squish when they're stressed.

    23. They can relax and unwind with the help of these handmade bath 'tartlettes' that'll make them feel like they're in a Parisian patisserie instead of their flat in Bermondsey.

    24. They'll love spending an indulgent afternoon filling in this intricate colouring book full of soothing oceanic designs.

    25. This clever double wall insulated glass will keep their drinks hot or cold while looking ridiculously cute.

    26. Treat them to this rose-themed pamper set that looks far more expensive than it actually is!

    27. They can use this soothing sleep set to get into a healthy nighttime routine.

    28. The Little Book of Hygge will help to feed their love for all things cosy.

    29. They'll have so much fun working through this amazingly festive cross-stitch kit!

    30. I'm just gonna leave this highly-accurate T-shirt (AKA the perfect gift for them) right here.

    31. Finally, if they were a seasoned baking pro way before quarantine banana bread was a thing, they'll be sure to appreciate this wholesome wooden spoon.