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    "Friends" Just Turned 25: Here's 34 Things To Help You Celebrate

    The one where you buy all the Friends merchandise.

    1. Add a little touch of Monica and Rachel’s apartment to your living room with that iconic French poster.

    2. Or recreate Joey and Chandler’s living room with this Laurel and Hardy poster.

    3. Take Monica's door everywhere you go with this genuinely adorable iPhone case (pineapple not included).

    4. And if you can't get enough door frame action, this photo frame is for you.

    5. Any Friends fanatic would be so excited to get this card on their birthday!

    6. And could this water bottle BE any more personalised?!

    7. Channel your inner Ross with this jumper.

    8. This cushion cover can stand in for now if you still haven't found your lobster.

    9. Avoid awkward outbursts at your colleagues with this lunch box.

    10. And you can write 'helpful' messages to your flatmates a-la Joey and Chandler with this magnetic writing board.

    11. Take a break that can't be disputed in these pyjamas.

    12. And the mini Friends-lover in your life will adore these cosy PJs.

    13. These cupcake toppers will be the perfect finishing touch to your 'classic' English trifle.

    14. Feel like a teen again in Joey's basketball jersey.

    15. This tote bag's reference is so subtle, watch all the real Friends fanatics give you the silent nod of approval.

    16. This cushion cover will give your sofa the true essence of Chandler.

    17. These cute earrings are the perfect gift for your lobster, whoever they may be. TBH, also a perfect gift for yourself. It’s 2019. Be your own lobster!

    18. Remember that “it’s not your fault” with this quirky tote.

    19. Shot glasses, because in the wise words of Phoebe Buffay, “the more I drink, the less there is for the kids to drink.”

    20. This welcome mat is sure to “perk” up your guests.

    21. Could this yellow door frame *be* any more iconic?

    22. Let's be honest, this Joey-inspired mug has the best line of the show.

    23. Celebrate the true stars of Friends with these Chick and Duck egg cups.

    24. Did your friend just move? Congratulate them with this hilarious card that doubles as a reminder to not ask you to move their furniture.

    25. A best friend keychain for that special person who’ll always stick with you, even if it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year.

    26. Do you want to learn how to make a sandwich so delicious you’d take a bullet for it? A cheesecake so irresistible you just gotta eat it in the hallway? Get this cookbook full of Friends-inspired recipes.

    27. Add a little Joey to your look with a pin of Pat the Dog.

    28. This retro Frankie Says Relax T-shirt is perfect, even if you aren’t a petty, petty, petty man.

    29. Look, we tried to find a turkey mask in honour of “The One With All the Thanksgivings.” But all we found was a funny turkey hat...

    30. ...and this more accurate, but absolutely terrifying, turkey mask of nightmares.

    31. This book will take you on a whole new Friends journey by exploring interesting topics that you might not have looked twice at when you were five – like Chandler's transgender dad being reduced to "a man in a dress", and 'fat' Monica's sole personality trait being that she was fat.

    32. Take some '90s fashion inspo from this black and white poster.

    34. Finally, since Friends is leaving Netflix this year, a box set so you can watch the whole thing again.