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    24 Fashionable Things To Keep You Warm This Winter

    They'll keep you toasty AND trendy.

    1. Pair this knitted co-ord with chunky boots and an oversized jacket for the ultimate grungy-yet-cosy outfit.

    2. This oversized off-white hoodie will go with pretty much anything.

    3. This fisherman's cardigan is easy to throw on over anything for a casually put-together (and most importantly, WARM) look.

    4. This leopard print T-shirt has a high neckline and is made from a thick cotton material, making it perfect for layering under a chunky cardi.

    5. You can chuck this knitted jumper dress on for an easy and elegant outfit.

    6. This fluffy jumper will add a much-needed pop of colour to any grey and miserable day.

    7. And this oversized fleece jumper somehow manages to look casual and effortlessly glam at the same time.

    8. You'll definitely turn heads in this bright orange puffer jacket.

    9. This bomber jacket has a cosy teddy fleece design that I am 100% here for.

    10. And this longline teddy coat is JUST as warm as it looks – you can go up a size for a flattering oversized fit.

    11. You can't go wrong with this lightweight turtleneck knit – tuck it into high waisted jeans and layer with your favourite coat for a classic-yet-cosy look.

    12. This bucket hat is ridiculously cute and super warm!

    13. These black gloves are sleek and stylish – and you don't have to take them off while you're using your smartphone!

    14. And this knitted scarf (and I cannot stress this enough) has pockets!!!

    15. You can opt for these knee-high black boots if you're after a warmer take on the western boot trend.

    16. And these gorgeous powder blue lace-up boots are taller than your average ankle boots, helping to keep your legs a bit more toasty.

    17. These cycle shorts aren’t necessarily worn to be seen, BUT you can wear them under flowy dresses for that extra layer of warmth if you think your ~look~ will be ruined by wearing thick black tights.

    18. Having said that, we all know tights are often a necessity in colder weather – these patterned ones would look so pretty peeking out between a midi skirt and ankle boots.

    19. These over-the-knee socks have a sturdy, ribbed section and a flattering ruched section higher up, so they'll keep you warm AND look great with your favourite high-leg boots.

    20. And these pretty lil' socks are just a bit longer than regular ankle socks, for that extra bit of warmth.

    21. Whether you want to look comfy-yet-trendy at the airport or while you're at home, these fine knit trousers are super comfy, warm, and flattering.

    22. This indigo tie-dye blanket is surprisingly chic – who said you can’t be fashionable when you’re chilling at home?

    23. This soft-ribbed loungewear set looks way more expensive than it is.

    24. And finally, this pyjama set has a fancy piping detail and is made from an irresistibly warm fleece material.