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    19 Fashion Trends That Were All The Rage 20 Years Ago But Have Been Completely Forgotten

    Did we really go out in low-rise bedazzled jeans and call it ~fashurn~?!

    1. Ponchos.

    2. Low-rise jeans.

    3. Cropped tracksuit tops.

    4. All-diamante everything.

    5. Pedal pushers.

    6. Overly-embellished jeans.

    7. Belts. Belts with everything.

    8. Statement-making co-ords.

    9. Crimped hair.

    10. Fur-lined coats.

    11. Super long and sparkly scarves.

    12. Denim maxi skirts.

    13. Dresses made with this shiny, stretchy, and clingy material.

    14. Colourful tights.

    15. Colour-coordinated outfits with your pals.

    16. Tiny waistcoats.

    17. Trilby hats.

    18. Peplum tops.

    19. And finally, this *exact* crochet hat.