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    These 39 Expensive-Looking Bits Of Home Decor Are Actually From Amazon, But That'll Be Our Little Secret

    If you want to spice up your decor on a budget, look no further!

    1. First things first, I think we can all agree that this sleek circular mirror looks far more expensive than it actually is!

    2. I can pretty much guarantee this charcoal woven swing bin will be the most stylish thing in your WC.

    3. I'm obsessed with the minimalistic design of this moon phase banner. It's a great wall decor option if you feel you've gone a *little* overboard on the prints!

    4. This quirky frameless vanity mirror looks far more expensive than its under-a-tenner price!

    5. This highly-rated ceramic vase looks incredibly chic – the body shape design will bring your decor right up to date!

    6. These stylish floating shelves will look great, no matter which room you hang them in.

    7. This cool lamp projects a sunset-esque light that looks amazing in selfies and videos and will make your room feel so romantic!

    8. I own these candle holder dishes in gold myself and I wouldn't underestimate their subtly elegant power. They look great dotted around the living room or dining table!

    9. These rope curtain ties are far more sleek than they have any right to be.

    10. These satin pillowcases look really luxe and cause less friction with your hair while you sleep, helping to keep it tangle and frizz-free!

    11. This sleek mirror alarm clock looks way more expensive than it actually is!

    12. Bring a bit of natural glam to your bathroom with the help of this rustic loo roll holder.

    13. This slim storage cabinet will hold your loo roll and loads of bathroom accessories or cleaning products without taking up too much space in your narrow WC.

    14. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this quirky kitchen roll holder has no business being so chic.

    15. Create a feature wall in an instant thanks to this huge set of beige-toned prints.

    16. These floating vases are ideal for hydroponic plants! The set will look amazing on your home office desk.

    17. I'd be willing to pay far more for this pecan pie scented candle! It smells of cosy bakes and the wooden wick gives off a comforting crackle as it burns.

    18. If you're looking for a perfume tray, then might I point you in the direction of this gold-tone hexagonal one that's under £13?

    19. If its rave reviews are anything to go by, these super sharp knives perform way beyond their price tag!

    20. It's hard to find this particular hollowed-out style of vase for under £100, so I'd snap up this surprisingly cheap one before it sells out!

    21. Popping this natural dried pampas grass into a sleek vase is an easy way to instantly update your decor. At well under a tenner, they're super budget friendly!

    22. I love the Scandi vibe of this foldable seagrass basket! It can be used to store pretty much anything from blankets and toys to a large plant.

    23. This essential oil diffuser looks like it costs at least twice its actual price! It has a chic grey wood finish and is petite enough to be displayed basically anywhere.

    24. This baah-rilliant toilet roll stand is a best seller for a reason, and it's well under 20 quid!

    25. The thin gold-tone rim of this fab frame will give your prints a ~refined~ touch.

    26. I'm obsessed with the tufted sections and rustic patterns on this cream and black rug!

    27. This is probably the most fashionable cutlery set I've ever seen in my life!

    28. I can't believe this gorgeous handmade tea-for-one set is under £13! It would make a lovely gift.

    29. This luxe two-tier trolley can be used as a lil' portable drinks bar or as a stylish bit of extra storage.

    30. This is probably the most modern and chic rocking chair I've ever come across. Considering the eye-watering prices of some regular chairs I've come across, I'm super impressed with this one!

    31. Like just about everybody right now, I'm more than a little bit obsessed with rattan decor! This sleek side table will look fab in any room.

    32. This jute rug somehow manages to be both cosy and stylish.

    33. This statement-making lamp will cast stunning shadows on your walls and surfaces. It's battery powered, so you can display it just about anywhere!

    34. These candle holder lanterns are made from wrought iron which, as well as looking incredibly chic, makes them heavy enough not to topple over.

    35. This luxurious green velvet accent chair looks like it should cost at least three times its actual price!

    36. And I am *obsessed* with the shearling detail on this accent chair. It feels both on-trend and timeless at the same time!

    37. This handmade seagrass storage basket looks like a rare antique shop find.

    38. The marble design of these coasters give them an incredibly luxe look.

    39. Finally, you can't deny that this ceramic swan toilet brush and holder will bring a touch of elegance to your bathroom!