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    24 Eco-Friendly Things To Take On Your Travels In 2020

    Whether you're travelling by coach, train, or plane – these will have you covered.

    1. These bamboo toothbrushes are a great alternative to the plastic ones you might usually buy – they’re kinder to the environment, and are still more compact than your at-home chunky electric model!

    2. And this toothbrush case is made from bamboo – to match your new toothbrush, obvs.

    3. You can reuse these mini travel bottles so you don’t have to waste entire bottles of beauty products on one short trip.

    4. Save on packing extra beauty products by taking this washable and reusable makeup remover pad which only needs water to get your face properly clean!

    5. This eco-friendly beach towel is lightweight and made from a sustainable material!

    6. These biodegradable body wipes are perfect if you’re going somewhere where you won’t be able to shower for a while, or if you want to keep fresh and clean in the humid heat.

    7. If you’re travelling for a while, this soap saver will make your soap dry faster and last way longer.

    8. There’s no detergent required with this laundry egg, so if the place you’re going to has a washing machine you won’t need to buy (and waste) a whole bottle on one trip.

    9. And if you’re going somewhere with no washing machine in sight, you can pack this Scrubba wash bag so you can have clean laundry wherever you go.

    10. And these 100% natural soap nuts will wash your clothes effectively without the need for chemical detergents.

    11. This vegan sun cream sinks into the skin easily and is full of plant-based goodness.

    12. This cute and compact lip balm uses 100% natural ingredients, is great for all types of weather, and has that all-important SPF.

    13. This backpack made from recycled plastic bottles folds up really small, so it’s super easy to pack as extra baggage when you need it.

    14. This book has great tips on how you can be a more sustainable traveler.

    15. This reusable razor is plastic-free and way more effective than disposable razors – for the perfect shave while on the go.

    16. This toiletry bag has a 100% recycled plastic lining and will hold all your holiday essentials neatly in one place.

    17. If you can’t go without your morning brew, this collapsible coffee cup is really easy to take with you everywhere.

    18. This reusable water bottle has a slim design and a secure handle, making it easy to pack and travel with.

    19. And if you’re in an area that doesn’t have entirely clean tap water, then you can use these water purifying tablets.

    20. You can pack a menstrual cup as a space-saving and plastic-free alternative to your current period products.

    21. A Kindle is the obvious choice for any avid reader that wants to cut down their paper usage (and baggage weight!)

    22. You can use a collapsible straw instead of the plastic ones that are still the standard in many countries.

    23. You can use one of these carry-on approved reusable bags to hold your liquids instead of the disposable ones you can get at the airport.

    24. And finally, this plant-based insect repellent really keeps the creepy crawlies at bay.