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    Calling All Students! Dr. Martens Have 20% Off For You Right Now And I Just Thought You Should Know

    If you've been wanting to invest in a pair, now's the time!

    If you know and love Dr. Martens, you'll probably be aware that their investment-worthy chunky footwear *never* usually goes on sale or promotion.

    Well, what if I was to tell you that they're currently offering a whopping 20% discount on EVERYTHING if you have a valid student login?!

    We've picked out a few of their best-selling pieces to give you a lil' inspo – like these classic and comfy Pascal Virginia leather ankle boots.

    And these Jadon smooth leather platform boots will give you a subtle bit of extra height without ruining the grungy aesthetic.

    These sleek leather shoes are great for smartening up a more casual look.

    These classic Chelsea boots are easy to slip on and off, and will probably go with every outfit you own!

    Make a colourful statement with these acid pink smooth leather boots – the black piping detail really gives it that extra bit of ~pizzazz~.

    These Sinclair leather platform boots have a unique zip and stitching detail that'll make sure you really stand out from the crowd.

    These double-buckled Mary Janes are *just* the right balance of cute and quirky.

    And if you're not *quite* ready to let go of summer just yet, then these Gryphon quad platform sandals have your name on them.

    The 20%-off student discount is only running until 11th October, so I'd be quick about making the most of it if I were you!

    You can check out all that Dr. Martens has to offer (and make the most of the student promo) right here!